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At just 15, Ibram Masouk bought his parents a house with money made finding bugs in websites. The teenager has made a small fortune discovering security vulnerabilities in Yahoo and Google.

The teenagers who make money from hacking

Masouk is one of thousands of "ethical the difference between an option and a swap who are paid by Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Apple to spot possible security flaws in their products. Masouk appears no different to any other year-old. He lives at home with his parents and two sisters, and attends secondary school every day, but he has hacked more than 60 companies including Yahoo and Hacker internet earnings, and is widely regarded as one of the top bug finders in the industry.

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Masouk began reading about hacking when he was 13, and he found his first vulnerability within "months" of picking it up. The teenager is happy that his work helps keep people safe, like when he spots flaws in the US Department of Defence. Although remarkable, he is not alone.

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It might not seem like a big deal but that was a really big purchase for me. Like most hackers, he discovered a fascination with "breaking things" from a young age, while playing video games with his brother.

A bounty — or bug bounty — is a monetary award given to a hacker who finds and reports a valid security weakness to an organization so it can be safely resolved.

It has also become a lucrative career for those who may not have access to education or live in different regions, and is self-governed by a set of principles that researchers and their peers adhere to. For many years, companies fell under attack from hacking groups, typically younger, computer literate gangs that would communicate over social networks to work together to knock companies' systems offline or penetrate their databases to steal confidential or customer information.

Now, they are harnessing these bright young minds by inadvertently sub-contracting their cyber security through bug bounty programmes.

Six Hackers Break Bug Bounty Record, Earning Over $1 Million Each on HackerOne

Companies like Twitter, Facebook, Hacker internet earnings and Yahoo offer big bounties, granting hackers permission to break into their systems. These payouts can be life-changing for talented computer engineers in countries where salaries are low.

Inthe top hackers based in India earn 16 times the median salary of a software engineer, according to figures from HackerOne.

On average, top earning researchers make almost three times the median salary of a software engineer in their home country. In the past, companies have not been receptive when a complete stranger contacts them about potential flaws in their systems.

Share Article via Email Key Points There is a shortfall of cybersecurity workers for available jobs that could reach as high as 3.

Initiatives like HackerOne and Bugcrowd act as a broker between hackers and the business, offering a social network and helping the process of payments. Curry's friends were former "black hat hackers" or members of hacking groups, made famous by Anonymous and Lizard Squad, which knocked the PlayStation network offline and hacked TalkTalk.

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For every company offering up cash for bugs there are criminals on the black market offering up higher sums. A never-before-seen bug in something like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Windows would be worth a lot to criminals looking to spread ransomware.

Meet the hackers who earn millions for saving the web, one bug at a time

Rumours swirled that they paid out more than once, although they have not confirmed if this is the case. There is clear temptation to step over to the hacker internet earnings side.

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A self confessed "black hat" for almost 15 years, he spent time in prison on three occasions for computer crimes and was banned from using a computer between and Companies will be banking on the likes of DeVoss remaining on the right side of the cyber fight, particularly after high profile hacks involving credit rating company Equifax, which suffered a major data breach that exposedBritons' personal details and millions more worldwide.

It was thanks to Google's bug research initiative that we learnt of the Intel chip flaw, which has left practically every device on the planet vulnerable. If the flaw was to fall into the wrong hands - and there is nothing to say it had not already - national security in Western countries could be at risk.

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