How and where to make money without straining

Make It If you're looking to generate extra income, you may have more options than you think — even if you're already working full-time.

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In David Pogue's upcoming book, " Pogue's Basics: Money ," the Yahoo tech columnist provides tips and shortcuts to make money with little effort, on your own terms. Here are six ways to line your pockets in your free time, including Pogue's estimates of how much you could make doing each.

Here are over 50 of the best ways to save money: Find a more extreme way to save money. I know that I have, haha! That list also includes some of the extreme saving tips my readers have told me about. These include money saving tips such as: Shave your head. This is a great way for men and women!

Rent out your place on Airbnb Particularly if you live in a tourist area or popular city, Airbnb can be a great source of supplemental income. In fact, Airbnb hosts in the most popular U. Pet-sit Mitchell Funk Getty Images People will pay business idea binary option risks for someone to take care of their cats or dogs while they're out of town.

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Pogue suggests using DogVacay. DogVacay lists you on its searchable site and provides insurance in case anything goes wrong. Sell handmade products on Etsy Etsy is an online marketplace for jewelry, art, books, clothing, and more.

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Anyone can list their creations and sell them directly to millions of consumers all over the world. Drive people around in your spare time Roberto Machado Noa Getty Images Driving for Uber or Lyft is a great, flexible side hustle, Pogue says: "As a part-time, whenever-you-feel-like-it sideline — for college students, parents at home during school hours, retirees, anyone who needs a little extra cash — the freedom of these jobs is unmatched.

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Do tasks or run small errands for people You'd be surprised at what chores people would pay for you to do: Assemble IKEA furniture, pick up a package, pack your boxes, or proof-read documents. Get paid to have an opinion "Whenever you encounter a new product, movie, or ad campaign, well, you're not the first.

Twitter Peggy James is a CPA with 8 years of experience in corporate accounting and finance who currently works at a private university, and prior to her accounting career, she spent 18 years in newspaper advertising. She is also a freelance writer and business consultant. Article Reviewed on May 16, Margaret James Updated September 17, Financial stress can stem from being in debtnot earning enough money, the expense of raising kids, or even being married to someone who isn't good with money.

All of them have been tried out beforehand on ordinary consumers. Specifically, they've been tried out on focus groups," Pogue says.

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Participating in a focus groups generally involves giving feedback on a new product for a couple of hours. You get paid in cash, checks, gift cards, or prepaid Visa cards.

How To Save Money Without Working More

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