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Contact Providing renewable energy solutions since Energy Options has provided small wind and solar systems for over 30 years.

Neil 20 February Going for a leading edge system that is not currently a standard installation, I was prepared for an number of issues and expected project delays. At the 13 month mark I am still awaiting the system documentation to be finalised. The company may handle standard installations, in my case, it has taken longer than expected. The system was supposed to be similar to a number of systems they had installed and I spoke to a customer with a system similar to mine before siging the contract so I was confident they could deliver.

Our expertise is in evaluating site specific requirements and providing customized energy energy options. We sell dependable name brand equipment with long-term warranties.

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We work with licensed contractors for quality installations built to local building codes, energy options we offer after the sale support. The solar decreases the number of kWhs that you buy.

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The energy storage decreases the kW demand charges. Today, commercial solar with storage can pay for itself in less than two years which makes it a much better investment than just solar alone.

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Solar is property tax exempt in all of California. There may be local incentives as well.

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One of these incentive programs is Net Metering. It allows you to spin your utility meter backwards and receive full retail value for the solar energy you do not use.

Providing renewable energy solutions since 1982

Net Metering allows you to have a zero electric bill, but does not allow you to have an income from your excess solar energy. Residential solar is exempt from property taxes in all of California.

Several utility rates are available for residential solar. The utility does not guaranty that you are on the best rate, this is especially important when considering solar. We recommend a rate analysis so that you spend less and save more.

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  • Although there were no serious issues of this generation initially, gradual awareness on Environment posed many problems, over the last few decades.
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  • Energy Options – Providing renewable energy solutions since
  • From the time we first contacted Energy Options, until the day they switched our new 20kW system on, they were helpful and just as excited about the installation as we were.
  • Renewable Energy Options - Residential | Xcel Energy

All sales include a ten year parts and labor warranty and a 25 year warranty on the solar panels. For battery charging, wind power with solar works better than solar alone because the wind works at night and during extended cloudy periods. Most of the wind turbines installed in Los Angeles County have been installed by us.

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Turbines made by Bergey WindPower are by far the most popular small wind turbine in California. Commercial turbine sizes start at 50kW and go up to the giant ones in wind farms.

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  • Solar panels are great for generating electricity, but they're just one of many alternative power sources for the home.
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The large turbines outperform solar, producing more kWhs per dollar invested. Wind power has an incentive through SGIP, but solar does not.