Derivatives meaning – Forward, Futures, Option & Swap Explained

Option and forward differences

Chapter 1 exercises - Introduction

August 17, 1. The difference is one of buying versus selling. The party that takes option and forward differences long forward position agrees to buy the underlying asset at a specified future date for a specified price.

The other party that assumes the short position agrees to sell the underlying asset at the same specified date for the same price.

Futures vs Options

This forms what is known as a forward contract. Hedgers use derivatives to reduce the risk from variation of a market variable in the future.

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There is no gaurantee that the outcome of hedgin will necessarily be better than not hedging. Of course, one must think of these scenarios in terms of ensembles. Hedging can be done using forward contracts and options. The former forward contracts is designed to reduce risk by fixing the price that the hedger will pay or recieve for the underlying asset. The latter options provide insurance by offering a way for the investors to protect themselves against adverse price movements in the future while allowing themselves to benefit from favorable price movements.

Difference between a Futures Contract and a Forward Contract

Speculators use derivatives to bet on the future direction of a market variable. The same two financial instruments forward and option contracts can be used to speculate.

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Speculators wish to take a position in the market and are betting that either the price of the asset will go up or will go down. When a speculator uses futures, the potential loss as well as potential gain is large. Arbitrageurs take ofsetting position in two or more instruments to lock in a profit.

Derivatives meaning – Forward, Futures, Option & Swap Explained

They participate in futures, forward and options markets. Arbitrage involves locking in a riskless profit by simultaneously entering into transactions in two or more markets.

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These opportunities are very temporary as supply and demand would cause the dollar price to rise and the sterling price to drop. Existence of profit hungry arbitageurs makes it unlikely that a major disparity between the sterling and dollar prices exist.

Derivatives are instruments to manage financial risks. Since risk is an inherent part of any investment, financial markets devised derivatives as their own version of managing financial risk. Derivatives are structured as contracts and derive their returns from other financial instruments.

Lastly, though there is no cost to entering a forward or futures contract, while there is a cost to aquiring an option. The party that sells the call option is obliged to buy the stock at the strike price before the expiry date if the buyer of the call option decides to sell. Note that regardless of the buyers exercise of the option, the seller of the call option keeps the premiums.

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The party that buys the put option has the right, but not the obligation to sell an asset at the strike price before the expiry date. For this right, he pays a premium. An unrelated point is that for a call option, the higher the strike price, the lower the premium.


For a put option, the lower the strike price, the lower the premium. How much does the investor gain or lose at the end of the contract if the exchange rate at t. When the spot price is 1.

Hence, the investor all strategies for 60 seconds USD for his investment. Hence, the investor loses USD.

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What have you commited yourself to? How much could you gain or lose? The person who writes the put contract sells the option for a premium and option and forward differences obligated to buy the underlying assets before the maturity date should the buyer of the contract decide to sell. You are gauranteed to gain the premium at the writing of the contract.

Call Option vs. Forward Contract: What's the Difference?

That is yours regardless of the outcome. My maximum profit is the premiums. This might be because he wants to get rid of the risk of loss from the share price going down.

For the buyer of the option going lower might be an unacceptable risk leading to just a loss of the premium. The writer of the contract will have to charge higher premiums.