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How to make money not to spend

Passive Income: How I Make $7,200 A Month (5 Ways)

Even when we had very little, I rarely felt deprived. Has anyone ever gone to the mall and not spent any money?

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Man, those pretzels are good! Repeat after me: Shopping is not a hobby. Borrow A lot of the things in our house only get used a few times a year.

Additionally, going forward, it should be the starting point for every financial decision you make. But, if you constantly find yourself running low on funds and dipping into savings, it is likely just a symptom of an inaccurate, or mis-aligned budget. So, lay out every one of your expenses for the last month, and be honest about which ones are necessary, and which ones are frivolous. If there are, you probably need to address your spending habits. But even small leaks can lead to disaster.

Tip: Before you go buy something new, think about how often you will really use it. Then check and see if you could borrow it from someone instead. We had instant coffee for when it sounded good.

1) Dropship on eBay

We drank wine out of normal cups. We use glass bakeware as serving dishes if we have guests over for dinner.

This is guilt-free money that you can spend any way you wish You can include all your monthly expenses on one sheet or use a separate sheet for each expense category. I personally like to use separate sheets because this helps me see everything clearly and stay organized.

Tip: Before you rush out to buy something, think about if there is something you already own that could be used instead. Avoid Online Shops This is tough for me!

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However, online shopping is a whole different story. Also, unsubscribe from all of those tempting emails telling you about sales.

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Tip: When you make a purchase at an online store, make sure to not let them save your info. Next time you want to purchase how to make money not to spend, it will take you some extra effort because you will have to enter your billing, shipping, and credit card info.

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Also, it will remind you of what to look for when you do go shopping. You are less likely to spend on impulse purchases when you know you should be looking for a few specific items that you know you need to spend some cash on.

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Stores thrive off of getting customers to buy on impulse. More, if you think about taxes being taken out of your paycheck.

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I had been thinking about this dress the whole time, so I decided that it was fate and I bought the dress. The point though, is it wait and see if what you want is still available next time.

Obviously, this only works with little things that you actually have the money for.

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Use a tally counter to add up your purchases as you go. Shop With a List Grocery shopping Never shop without a list. Know what you need.

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Buy what you need, nothing else. Most cities have tons of free events happening if you want to get out of the house.

8 Ways to Stop Spending Money

Plus, you can always get movies from the library, play frisbee golf at a park, host a campfire… You do not need to spend money to have fun. Having these strategies in mind will keep you from spending money unnecessarily. Related Posts:.