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Forts Backyard Play Forts All kids love backyard play forts because they offer an opportunity to let their imaginations soar while playing with their friends. Forts, whether made from snow or blankets, can become cozy caves, boats, castles, submarines, spaceships, far-off planets options forts more. If you want to provide your child with a sturdy and safe options forts experience, our backyard forts include the highest standards of safety as well as all the little details that really keep your children secure through hours and years of fun.

Let's take a look at what makes us different: We have multibeam joint connections.

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This keeps the joints of our products stronger for the ultimate in structural integrity. There is less buckling and swaying, ensuring your kids stay safe. Our products are made with stronger hardware.

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We use hot-dipped, galvanized hardware that is corrosion-resistant for added stability and years of product life. In addition, our hardware includes features to keep your kids safe. Each handrail and safety handle, as well as every rung, is powder coated and imprinted with a non-slip texture for the ultimate in safety grip.

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All our bolt fasteners are treated to prevent sharp attachments. The chains on our swings have self-locking industrial connectors to prevent pinching.

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These are just a few of the details that keep our products safe for you and your kids. We offer solid-beam, percent Pacific cedar wood construction.

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We are unique in this, and it really makes a difference when it comes to safety. Solid beam construction makes our play forts less susceptible to buckling, warping, splintering and more. Many parents also like knowing our play forts are made with percent Pacific cedar wood.

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It doesn't have the environmental implications of petroleum products and it can look better in a yard. Since we use cedar, our playsets are naturally resistant to rot, pests and fungus.

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This means they are sturdy enough to last for generations and don't require the toxic chemical treatments other wood play areas use. Our forts and playsets are tested by kids for the fun factor. They are also carefully designed and tested by engineers to ensure they are sturdy.

Our forts are made with more than 23 years of industry experience behind them.

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You can count on our knowledge to deliver a safe and fun play experience. Our forts are also completely customizable, so you can get the features, style and look you want.

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No matter what kind of play your children want, we can make it happen. Just contact one of our representatives or a member of our design team to talk about your needs and we can create a fort that will thrill your child's imagination.

The Benefits of Buying Our Forts Interested in play forts and wondering whether these playground pieces are right for your play area? Wonder no more.

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Ours are designed by engineers, and they undergo rigorous testing, so you can be sure they meet or exceed all pertinent safety guidelines and standards. Unlike blanket forts that are temporary and perhaps unstable, our forts offer a permanent place for children to play. Backyard play forts can help build social skills. Options forts can play imaginative games on forts together, and this can allow them to learn about cooperation, sharing and creating rules and agreements.

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These are the same skills they need in everyday social situations. Backyard forts encourage imaginary and creative play. Since forts are open-ended pieces of equipment, children playing in them can imagine they are in a pirate ship, in a castle, in a store, in a mansion, in a cottage or anything else their imagination can create. The smaller spaces inside the forts can also be encouraging for children who feel overwhelmed by more open pieces of equipment. Forts can make your play area more inclusive for all kids!

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Forts encourage physical activity. Our forts have slides, climbers, swings and more. Children can have fun running around the fort, climbing, reaching and stretching. Our forts are designed to help kids develop balance, coordination and physical strength.

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Best of all, our forts make play fun, encouraging kids to stay active and get exercise. Forts build confidence by providing lots of opportunities to play. Our forts have lots of opportunities to play. Children can work their way through the options forts, play games on the upper deck or read inside the fort.

By options forts kids to explore lots of options, our forts allow children to try new activities and to build confidence as they master new types of play. View as.