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Commodity trader is expected to keep himself abreast of the latest in the commodities market. We should be able to track the commodities and form views on the commodity pricing forecasts.

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It also tends to be the riskiest of the trading style. Being a graduate is sufficient for getting a trading job, but with the growing competitions, you will be a much-preferred candidate you have financial degrees career in trading CPA, CFAand MBA. Since trading is all about math and statistics, therefore, candidates who have done postgraduate or doctorate in mathematical and statistical fields.

The idea that you could quit your job and support yourself just by trading stocks is fascinating. Novice investors, buoyed by their success with paper trading simulationsmay take the leap of faith and decide that they're going to earn their living from the stock market. Some find success, feeding fantasies of sitting on a tropical beach, making a killing with nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection. However, many people who independently trade for a living use day trading strategies, and studies have shown that the majority of day traders lose money over the long-term.

In the USA, it is compulsory to clear Series 7 and series 63 exams to be a stockbroker. Option underlying asset any career career in trading trading, one begins as an intern in any financial organization and then moves up to the level of an assistant trader and then subsequently to the position of a senior trader.

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It is observed that many experienced traders start their own company after gaining considerable experience. Where to look for a career in trading? Now that you significant information about a career in trading, the next question that arises is where to look for a trading job.

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You can pursue your career as a trader by working with various organizations like investment banks, asset management companies, hedge funds, and other financial firms. As a trader at an investment bank or a commercial bank, you focus on earning profits by providing liquidity for your clients.

Market making. In addition to higher education, all traders must obtain a license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Most traders must also have certifications, usually in Series 7, Series 57, and Series 63, all of which ensure that traders understand federal and state laws related to the trading of securities. Trading Careers Trading stocks as a job can take a variety of forms. Consider the most common trading-specific occupations to help you decide where you fit best: 1.

On the other hand, in a hedge fund, you will work as a proprietary trader and will earn profits from the changing trends of the financial market. Buy-Side The buy-side of trading career involves working with various institutions like commercial banks, mutual fund companies, hedge fund companies, pension fund companies, and insurance companies, which tend to buy financial tools to serve the purpose of money management.

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A good buy-side analyst always invests in the financial tools which tend to meet the expectations of his client. Under the categories of buy-side, there are many financial institutions one can choose from.

The Bottom Line Jobs in the finance industry can be extremely lucrative. That means that they are in high demand, with entry qualifications as lofty as the salaries. For most of them, an undergraduate degree is the minimum requirement and many professionals have post-graduate degrees. Usually, advanced skills in statistics and mathematics are prized.

For example: Insurance Companies.