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You can get paid for spending time on what you love: reading books.

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Because books are constantly being published, book reviewers are generally always in demand. You have to wonder: where do all of these reviews come from?

Kirkus Media lists an open application for book reviewers. To apply, simply send your resume and writing samples!

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You can find out more about this opportunity here. You can browse internet earnings reviews hundreds of new stories before picking one that piques your interest.

Its application process is pretty simple: just complete this form to be selected as a book reviewer. One more thing: book reviewers can get tips internet earnings reviews their book reviews.

Learning How to Write a Movie Review Online

More importantly for you, it hires book reviewers on a book-by-book basis to help them review new books. No fluff here! Sadly, Any Subject Books is not currently open to book reviewer applications, but check back again — this could change at any time.

If you are matched with a book, Book Browse asks that your review is around 50 to words without exceeding words. Note also that Book Browse will provide you with the book for free, but will not pay you for the review.

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You won't get rich and you won't be able to leave your day job. To begin the sign-up process, simply submit your email here.

1. Write Movie Reviews for Royalties

Review of Books is a nation-wide organization that reviews books of all kinds and publishes those reviews in a popular monthly newsletter.

The way that it works for a book reviewer is simple: when a book title is posted, reviewers can request to read it and get assigned.

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A typical review for U. Review of Books is anywhere between and words. They are looking particularly for informed opinions and professionalism in reviews, along with succinctness.

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To apply, submit a resume, sample work, and two professional references via email. This feminist magazine has been published for 36 years and is looking for more book reviewers to join their force. To pitch then a review, send them an email with a quick proposal. For more details, click here.

3. Any Subject Books

Because each job caters to an individual client, the requirements and qualifications will differ. A listing, for instance, might look like this oneor perhaps this one.

It might be a one-time project, or the gig might turn into a long-running collaboration with the client. Moody Press also asks you to write your honest review within 60 days of reading it. To get a feel for it, try joining the MP Newsroom Bloggers Facebook groupwhere you can directly interact with existing members of the program.

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Are quick flash book reviews more your pace? More pertinently, it regularly reviews both traditionally published and self-published books, which means that it does occasionally have a call for book reviewers.

Recent Stories

If you join as a member, you can earn points for certain actions that you take on the site for instance, inviting a friend to the program and sharing a direct link to MyReaderRewardsClub.

If this sounds like something that internet earnings reviews be up your alley, check out their FAQ here.

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Reviews are generally very short no longer than words and professionally written. You can discover more of its guidelines here — and an archive of previous Booklist reviews here. To apply, contact a relevant Booklist editor and be prepared to submit a few of your past writing samples.

Then Instaread might be for you.

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Put simply, NetGalley is a service that connects book reviewers to publishers and authors. How it works is pretty simple.

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Simply use this form to sign up. Their Career Opportunities page often includes listings for writers. They pay on a freelance basis, so apply through their website to get further details.

1. Kirkus Media

One of the benefits of this gig is that you can review any book that you want for them newcomers to the market and their strategy they prefer contemporary award-winning American, Australian, British, Canadian, Irish, and New Zealand authors.

The best books can go undiscovered. Be part of the movement that shines a light on them.