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Scientific Publications

Suchkova S. Secrets of successful puplic presentation.

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The ways to make students hate writing. Punctuation Matters!. Enjoy Writing. What's in a Letter?. Project that deserved continuation.

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Russian Culture

Materials development: pitfalls to avoid. Bezrukova E. The influence of the European economic crisis on the British economy. Marinina O. The Great Depression. Lutsenko S. Information technologies in Economics. Fear of flying. Sergeeva G.

Internet Addiction. Martynova O. Automobil How to make money in the new year in Deutschland.

Computermodellirung des Sieswalzens mit Hilfe des Impulsmagnetfeldes. Stychkova V. The Problem of ensuring coordinate measurement reliability for gas turbine engine parts. Avdeyko S. Zotova E. Globilization in Russia. Bessonova I. Body language in cross-culturtal communication.

Starinova O. Complex simulation of the solar sail spacecraft. Orazbaeva U. Prokhor Almurzin, Bandurov V. Extended professional education of post-graduate students: problems and solutions.

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Tuovila I. Barinova E. Glukhova L. Timbay I. Modes of motion of Soyuz orbital stage after payload separation at carrying out of the short-term research experiments.

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Additional opportunities for carring out of short term experiments on Soyuz orbital stages: communication and navigation problems. Kramlikh A. Belokonov I. Lyubimov V. Attitude control of small spacecraft with allowance made for failures in the system for decreasing angular momentums of flywheels. Shakhmatov E.

Kirillin A. SSAU nanosatellite project for the navigation and control technologies demonstration. VTimbai I. Timbai I.

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Low-orbital transformable nanosatellite: research of the dynamics and communication problems solving for passive aerodynamic stabilization. Lubimov V. Problems of satellite navigation and communications for nanosatellites launched as piggyback payload from the orbital stage of carrier rockets. Barinova, E. Studying transient motion modes with respect to the landing module angle of attack with the restoring moment triharmonic characteristic on entering the atmosphere.

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  • Scientific Publications
  • The Cambridge Companion to Modern Russian Culture
  • The microscopic defect structures of carbon-doped MgB 2 samples were systematically investigated using X-ray powder diffraction, Raman and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy.
  • Cultures of human bone marrow and Saka cells separated by a Millipore membrane did not enhance MNC formation.
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IEEE www. Rotational motion of a nanosatellite using onboard electromagnetic coils after collision with a solid high-speed particle. Kirpichev V. Estimating the influence of hydraulic shot blasting on the endurance limit of hollow cylindrical specimens by the initial deformations of a reference specimen.

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Numerical simulation of the resonance effect at re-entry of a rigid body with low inertial and aerodynamic asymmetries into the atmosphere. Elsevier,pages The selection of the design parameters of the aerodynamically stabilized nanosatellite of the CubeSat standard. Sedelnikov A. Kniehl B. A, Shipilova A. Inclusive b and bb production with quasi-multi-Regge kinematics at the Tevatron.

Elekina E. Zagidullin M.

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Martynenko A. Fine and hyperfine structure of the muonic He3 ion. Hyperfine structure of the ground state muonic He3 atom. Zavershinskiy I. High-speed vortex gas flow in presence of HF and DC discharges. Galimov R. New acoustical properties of the non-equilibrium gas with the reversible chemical reactions and the external injections of reagents.

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Molevich N. Acoustic waves in chemically active media. Shock waves and autowaves in relaxing gas with the energy source. Saleev V. Inclusive and associated b-quark production in the Regge limit of QCD. Fine structure of the muonic 4He ion. Krutov A.

Hyperfine prokhor vavilov binary options video of the ground state muonic 3He atom. Generation of giant parametrical acoustic impulse in the vibrationally excited gas. Prokhor vavilov binary options video self- sustained acoustical waves in acoustical active nonequilibrium media. Anchikov D. Spatio-temporal Chaos in the transverse Section of wide Aperture detuned Laser.

Knil A. Acoustical instability of gas flow with heat release. Acoustics of non-equilibrium chemically active mixture with external source of the reagents. Zubarev A. Some aspects of the m-adic analysis and its applications to m-adic stochastic processes.

Knil B. Traveling self-sustained structures in interstellar clouds with the isentropic instability.


Kurushina S. Spatial pattern formation in external noise: Theory and simulation. Andreeva A. Acoustical instability of inhomogeneous gas flows with distributed heat release. Hyperfine structure of excited state of muonic helium atom.

Relativistic corrections to double charmonium production in high energy proton-proton interaction. Precessing vortex core in a wake with counterflow in presence of heat source.

Self-sustaining hydrodynamical structures and shock - wave disintegration in nonequilibrium media with heat release. The periodic sequence of shock waves in medium with thermal instability. Inclusive b-jet and b. Modification and stability of shock waves in the nonequilibrium gas with an external power source. Filonin O.

bulk modulus k0: Topics by icoane-ortodoxe.com

Only a few projections 3D - tomography system for studying the dynamic parameters of sublimation. Zavershinskiy D. Parametrical interaction of codirectional magnetoacoustic and alfven waves at magnetoacoustic instability. Azyazov V.