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Again, the payoffs to writer and buyer are mirror images, and again the buyer's maximum loss and the writer's maximum gain are equal to the premium. A "straddle" is the combination of a put and a call feature of stock options the same stock with the same strike price and expiration.

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For a buyer, a straddle will produce a loss of the two premiums if the price of the stock is at the strike price. If the price moves far enough away from the strike price in either direction, one of the options becomes in the money.

American vs. European Underlying Asset Option is a derivative securitya contract giving the owner buyer of the option the right but not the obligation to buy or sell a defined quantity of a defined asset. This asset is called underlying asset or underlying security or just underlying.

The buyer will realize a gain if the price of the stock moves far enough away from the strike price, either up or down, so that the gain on exercise of the in-themoney option will more than equal the premiums. The opposite straddle position—sale, or "shorting" both a put and a call will result in mirror image payoffs. Variations on a straddle include strips two puts and one call and straps two calls and one put.

Spreads involve combination of calls or puts on the same underlying stock, but with differing strike prices or expirations. A position involving only the option itself is called a naked option, while an option position combined with a long position in the underlying stock is feature of stock options a covered option.

Sales of covered calls, the forts binary options of a call on a stock being held by the investor, has been a popular strategy.

The seller of the covered call will lose the possibility of capital gains, but will receive additional income from the premium.

This strategy would be appropriate if the seller does not expect a price increase, or planned to eventually sell the stock at the call price. Purchase of a put on a stock held long is termed a "protective put. Use of options is not limited to individual investors. Index options are widely used as a portfolio Figure 2 Put Option Payoffs management tool to change the return pattern and control risk.

The portfolio can provide portfolio insurance, analogous to protective puts on an individual stock, by buying puts on a stock index. Although the stock index will likely not move exactly opposite the portfolio value, for a large portfolio the movement will be similar and even this imperfect hedge will remove much of the risk of loss.

Similarly, sale of an index call will produce payoffs that move oppositely to the portfolio value.

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By selling the appropriate 60 seconds strategy of call contracts, the portfolio manager can reduce the sensitivity of the portfolio value to changes in the index.

Options may also be used to create "synthetic assets," or combinations of options and other assets that have a different return pattern. The combination of a put and a call at the same strike price would have a payoff pattern at expiration that would be the same as that of the underlying asset, at the cost of the premiums paid.

As shown in Figure 1, the possible outcomes vary widely, and the strategy being followed must also be considered. Sale of a naked put or call exposes the writer to extreme losses, whereas purchase of the call or put has sharply limited loss possibilities. Covered options present limited risk, and protective puts or portfolio hedging are meant to reduce risk.

Call Cption vs. Put Option

There is no doubt, however, that some options trades can present significant risk. One reason for the popularity of options as investment vehicles is that they provide leverage. Because of the inherent risk, the OCC requires to option writer to post and maintain margin. There are financial models of option premiums, such as the Black-Scholes Model, that attempt to specify the price on a quantitative basis. The largest influence on the premium is the relationship between the strike price and the market price of the underlying asset.

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The value of a call will be positively related, and the value of a put negatively related, to the market price of the additional income free schedule stock. For a given market price, the value of a call will be negatively related, and the value of a put positively related, to the strike price. Even if the strike price is above the market value of a call, or below the value of a put, the option will have value.

This value is based on the possibility that the stock price will change enough to put the option in the money. Because the possibility that the option will become in the money is greater, the feature of stock options the volatility of the stock price, the premium for both a put and a call will be positively associated with the volatility of the underlying stock price.

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Interest rates are positively related to the premium because the leverage effect is more attractive in times of high interest rates. The option itself has a positive value, and this value is greater the longer the time to expiration.

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Because of the value of time to expiration, few investors exercise options before expiration, but will instead sell the option. Option sellers can exit the position by engaging in an offsetting trade of purchasing the same option, which results in a canceling of the investors' position on the books of the OCC. Since there is no adjustment for dividends, which have a tendency to decrease stock price, the value of a call is negatively related, and the value of a put is positively related, to the dividend yield internet earnings on translation the stock.

As an exception to the general avoidance of early exercise, if a dividend is to be recorded before expiration, investors may wish to exercise calls to capture the dividend. The relationship between the price of a put and the price of a call is referred to as the "put-call parity" relationship. At maturity, a protective put will have a value equal to the greater of the strike price or the stock price.

An investor could, however, purchase a call on the same stock at the same strike price and expiration, and invest enough in U.

Underlying Asset

Treasury bills T-bills to equal the strike price at expiration. At expiration, this portfolio also has a value equal to the greater of the strike price or the stock price. Since both of these positions have the same outcome, they should have the same price or arbitrage is possible.

This separation provides a different perspective that may allow new insights into value. Most bonds, for instance, are "callable. A callable bond can be analyzed as a purchase of a noncallable bond, plus the sale of a call on the bond—a covered call position in the bond. The value of a call feature would be affected by the same factors affecting other call options.

This is true because the option exercise price and the expiration date do not change. Image Courtesy : thetechieguy. For example, an investor may purchase equity shares of a company at Rs.

Rights arise in stock offerings and are sometimes associated with the preemptive right of common stockholders to maintain their proportional ownership of the firm. The existing shareholders of the firm are given one right for every share that they own.

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The lifetime of rights is typically short, and feature of stock options may be considered as options on the to-be-issued shares. Warrants are options to buy a fixed number of newly issued shares at a fixed price, written by the firm. They often are included in bond offerings as "sweeteners" in order to make an issue more attractive, or in executive compensation.

They typically have an extended lifetime, some even being perpetual, and originally are "deep" out of the money, carrying an exercise price well above market. The value of a warrant would be affected by the same factors affecting other call options. Convertible bonds may be converted into common stock at some fixed ratio or face value per share.

The conversion feature is in essence a call option on the common stock, and convertible bonds are sometimes analyzed as the combination of a bond and an option. A convertible will be valued at the higher of its value as a straight i. Financial engineering is the feature of stock options applied to the creation of innovative financial instruments, and the options feature has been widely used in this activity. Analysis of the instruments often requires sophisticated mathematical treatment.

Some of these instruments are individualized, while others are traded to why bitcoin is falling degrees. These traded instruments feature of stock options putable bonds, certificates of deposit with payoffs based on various indexes, and LYONS zero coupon, convertible, callable, and putable bonds.

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