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Engineer - Which homes have sold in a given locaAon, and do homes of a Store and maintain data Visualize and describe Write producAon-level Build custom models to certain size sell more quickly?

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Probability Overview Descriptive Statistics Multi-disciplinary field that brings together concepts Probability theory provides a framework for reasoning Provides a way of capturing a given data set or sample.

There are two main types: centrality and variability data analysis to understand and extract insights from the measures. Terminology Experiment: procedure that yields one of a possible set Centrality Two paradigms of data research.

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Data-Driven: Given some data, what interesting Event E: set of outcomes of an experiment e. Useful for Probability of an Outcome s or P s : number that skewed distribution or data with outliers.

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The heart of data science is to always ask questions. Al- satisfies 2 properties Mode Most frequent element in a dataset. What strategy for binary options 100 we learn from this data?

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What actions can we take once we find whatever it Standard Deviation Measures the squares differences is we are looking for?

Variance in tables.

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Note: Correlation does not imply causation! Classification: Assigning something to a discrete set of possibilities. Done correctly, and only a small subset of them are actually sampled ide- it can help increase the predictive power of your models.

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Probability theory describes what prop- Errors vs. Artifacts Feature engineering is more of an art than science.

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FE is erties our sample should have given the properties of the 1. Errors: information that is lost during acquisi- one of the most important steps in creating a good model.

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Artifacts: systematic problems that arise from requires expert knowledge. Smith, Johnones or binned e. UTC vs.

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GMTbetween belong to B, etc. The general technique is called inverse.

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