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    what is sishka trading

    They are damn right. I had same thoughts and same experiences.

    what is sishka trading

    Everyone i came across given guarantee that if I follow their system i will be winner. And end of the day more or less my account was bleeding. I was planning to leave markets completely after losses and no system or strategy in place.

    Why You Should Join Us? Easy to understanding language limited batch size, flexible batch.

    My ex-boss attended Himanshu Shaah's 2 day seminar and immediately told me to enroll for his advanced course. Some how boss forced and i enrolled to give it a last shot.

    Under this institute he has trained many participants since Inception. His Participants are from C.

    It's been past 6 years since i was introduced to "Shiksha for the Market" and Himanshu Shaah and i am still practicing it, trading successfully by following single system. What is sishka trading was obviously a paid course when i did it, later on sir kept it improving system based on his own study and kept sharing the same via emails without charging an extra cost. We met frequently in follow up refresher courses by paying infrastructure cost to learn and update something new.

    He had allotted 2 hours time slot for 4 days a week for past 6 years and now same is replaced by live webinar sessions which is completely a different experience, and i have seen attendees are getting much more benefited as webinar is usually consist of live markets. He even shared newly developed software for more than two years as evolution version which is now paid version.

    what is sishka trading

    In short, this tutor kept following up with his students, and I am one of the old student of Shiksha. The points which u mentioned like Risk Management, Position Sizing, Trading Psychology, Practice, reading are other areas where i kept on working hard as Trading is my passion as well as bread and butter.

    However, they fail to realize that their investment performance is the result of stock market performance and not necessarily their individual abilities.

    I believe it's Trader's Psychology and his tools which ultimately results in his performance, any trading system is just a another tool, not a key to success. We know trading is never ever easy skill to develop and be successful in long run, its person making money very very difficult to handle personal psychology almost every minute.

    Ultimately he kept on caring for those who remained with him.

    what is sishka trading

    My advice for the thread opener here is simple and clear, Join the course if you determine to study and practice system and if you plan to improve your personal psychology along with it and you are what is sishka trading looking for a system to recover your old losses. Best of Luck.

    what is sishka trading