5 Things I Do to Make $50,000+ a Month Online

How can you make a lot of money

First Things First Before I dive into the 5 ways I make money online I want to talk to you about the most important aspect of making money online no matter what route you decide to take: building an audience. If you can build an audience online then you have an easy road to making money.

This is a basic concept to understand.

how can you make a lot of money

If you have an audience that pays attention to how can you make a lot of money, you can make money. Remember that. Without an audience clients, customers, membersyou have no business. This is a big reason why one of the first courses in the Blog Simple Framework is a Pinterest Course. You need to learn how to build an audience and that means getting traffic. If you can get traffic to your site then the whole world begins to open up for you.

Who the Hell am I?

That means I have to try and get some small percentage of those people to buy something how can you make a lot of money me if I really want to do well. As the number of people visiting my site increases, the chances of me making more money increase.

how can you make a lot of money

That should be easy enough to understand with one caveat. Instead, I advise you to do stuff that has been proven to work. If you like the idea of starting a blog then know that there are only 7 blog niches that get good traffic and make good money.

There really is no reason to try a different niche for your first blog. What people love are things that make their lives easier and better. Why do you think how to make money blogs, personal finance blogs, and health blogs do so well?

How to Make Money Online: 28 Real Ways

Nobody pays me to blog. However, the whole reason why I can make money online is because of blogging so if you want to make money online I suggest you get into blogging. Blogging is your marketing platform. Fancy marketing people like to call it content marketing.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to build an audience which in turn work on the Internet earnings you the chance to open up new revenue streams.

how can you make a lot of money

Get this straight, blogging opens the doors for a ton of opportunities for you. In fact, one of the last things I want to do is sit down at a computer and write.

2. Invest in index funds.

They are talking about how blogging levels the playing field for individuals to be able to reach thousands or millions of people similar to a bigger company.

That might be a small technicality but I wanted to get that out of the way.

From online poker to selling your collection of Beanie Babies, there are lots of popular get-rich-quick, money-making ideas that always pop up. Do they work? Not really. Will you make money doing it? The truth is there are real ways to make money online — millions of people are doing it each day.

If you use one of the ad networks that I mentioned above then they actually do all of the work for you! What you do need though is a shit ton of traffic for this to be effective.

By this, I mean at least 30, page views before you even want to consider putting ads up on your site. Now I know the question you are asking is how much money do I make for the amount of traffic that I get. I get paid every time an ad is shown on my site but you get fractions of a penny for each view.

how can you make a lot of money

For this reason, ad dollars are measured in CPM. Not bad, but not great considering the other ways that you can make money. However, ads are the most passive way to make money online. Your only focus is to get people to continue to come to your site which can be challenging in its own right.

That link points to a manufacturer of some product that will pay you every time someone purchases from them. For example, if I run a car blog and I sign up for an affiliate program with a car parts shop, I can link the different car parts that I like on my blog and when people click on the link and purchase from the car parts shop I Voronchikhin trading a cut. The commission that you get is totally dependent on the affiliate program.

There is no status quo. However, making money with affiliate marketing is a lot harder than people present it. I also have an awesome course dedicated to affiliate marketing that will show you all of the steps that I take to make money with affiliate marketing.


The easiest way to make an ebook is to simply write it in some type of word processing application Word, Pages, or Google Docs and export it as a PDF. There you go. You now have an eBook that the world will enjoy. Curious about creating your own product?

how can you make a lot of money

Online Courses This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online when you have an audience. Hopefully, it only requires less than Out of these 5 methods, online courses are both the most technically involved and the most time-consuming.

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I love teaching people but I hate the process of making courses just because I like instant results. Online courses take planning and time to get right.

32 simple ways to make money without doing anything

At least the good ones. If you throw videos into the mix it takes even more time.

But again, I make most of my money from online courses so the effort is worth it. Membership Sites Odd Noodle Kitchen is my membership site.

In a bind? Need some fast cash? Some are easier than others, but nearly all require very little to no capital. They are meant to get you through the difficult times.

It provides me with a steady income that I can rely on to come in every single month as more and more people sign up. Membership sites can work in a number of different ways.

You can simply offer a forum.

How to Make Money Online: 28 Real Ways to Earn Money Online

You might offer monthly video lessons. You can think of a number of different things but you must make sure that you are providing continuous value to your audience. Membership sites usually work best once you have an established audience to work with.

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  • Making Money Online: What I Do to Make $50, a Month From Home

Starting them from scratch without an audience is difficult because people join membership sites with the intention of interacting with other like-minded individuals. If they are the first one to the dance and nobody shows up for days or weeks then they will quickly lose interest.

There are a ton of other options: Podcasting.