Quantifying Derivative Price, Payoff, Probability, and Risk

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About this book Introduction This book is written for the experienced portfolio manager and professional options traders.

Chapter 1. Trading Goals and Objectives Abstract Traders improve outcomes by defining objectives in advance, based tomsett michael options trading a complete and realistic appreciation of opportunity for profit as well as risk of loss.

The value of implied volatility is questionable. Many traders believe that volatility leads price, when in fact, volatility is the result of price behavior. Volatility cannot be estimated without careful analysis of the underlying price and its behavior pattern.

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Closely associated with this reality is the importance of studying options strikes and their proximity to current underlying price levels and trends. Michael C. Thomsett Chapter 2.

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The Role of Fundamental and Technical Analysis Abstract A clear relationship is found between fundamental and historical volatility. The precise outcome for historical volatility is easily calculated as an exact outcome, versus the less reliable estimate of implied volatility in the option.

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Studies have concluded that historical volatility is more reliable than implied volatility, and that the results produced by each are similar. A second correlation is observed between fundamental volatility and underlying stock price behavior.

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This leads to a deeper understanding of options risk. The relationship can be given a proximity rating in order to narrow down the selection of both companies and their stock, and options trades likely to perform above average. Developing a point system improves probabilities of success.

The Mathematics of Options

Thomsett Chapter 3. Pricing of the Option Abstract Several calculations assist in identifying price advantage in options contracts. A second calculation identifies upper and lower bounds, a means for identifying finite risk levels. In pricing options, three elements of price each contain different features.

These types of premium—intrinsic, time and extrinsic value—define likely profitable outcomes for specific trades and their timing.

In doing so, the additional calculations of Delta and Gamma further articulate varying degrees of risk. A method for identifying the applicable variables in options selection is to enact side-by-side comparisons between different underlying stocks, expirations, strikes, and the moneyness of each.

This logical progression of analysis is an effective method for selecting options and specific strategies. Thomsett Chapter 4. The Dividend Effect Abstract Dividends are complex as part of an options analysis.

Better together than separately! The author tells us about the features of option trading, provides an important knowledge base for fruitful work in the financial market.

This feature affects overall profitability as well as accurate calculation of net return. Dividend trends should be tracked alongside long-term debt trends to determine whether dividend growth is based on improved profitability or only on accumulation of higher debt capitalization.

The calculation of total return combines option and dividend yield, but this has to be calculated carefully with timing of ex-dividend dates in mind.

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The holding period of options has to be compared to the timing of quarterly dividends eared based on timing of ex-dividend. Assumptions about future dividends can be used to plan future options trades; however, this introduces a variable in selection of underlying securities based on make good money right now dividend yield.

Thomsett Chapter 5.

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Return Calculations Abstract Options traders need to calculate the accurate breakeven rate of return they require, based on a combined calculation of income tax rates and inflation. For options trading, covered call writing is directly related to a time decay trading strategy, and this requires a consistent method of calculation. With all return calculations, both profits and losses should be annualized to ensure that comparisons are accurate.

Even for stock returns, the net basis, which serves as part of the return calculation, may be reduced by covered options strategy profits during the stock holding period. The total return for long positions is not the same as that for time decay-based short strategies.

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Thomsett Chapter 6. Strategic Payoff: The Single-Option Trade Abstract Strategic payoff may involve numerous random variables, which complicates the calculation of three possible outcomes: maximum profit, maximum loss, and breakeven.

Options trades may be either speculative or hedging-based, and this further complicates the payoff level.

Options this material is like sitting across the table from me in a consultation, at a fraction of the investment. To view Peter W. Some have been getting erroneous advice from their advisors but have no way to know if that advice is reliable or not. Each of them received incentive stock options.

Risk profile as well as outcomes are analyzed for covered calls, uncovered puts, ratio writes, and the adjusted basis following rolled options. Only by articulating the specific price points of maximum profit, maximum loss, and breakeven can risk be fully understood.

This completely changes the risk and opportunity analysis for single-option trades. While this classification of options is thought of as the most simple, the detailed analysis reveals the complexity in determining outcomes and risk levels. Thomsett Chapter 7.

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Strategic Payoff: Spreads Abstract Spreads represents the most diverse class of options trades. They are found in vertical, horizontal and diagonal formation; may be bull or bear spreads; and consist of either calls or puts. Risk perceptions as well as profit potential are altered based on whether a spread produces a net debit tomsett michael options trading a net credit. Condors and butterflies are complex spreads designed to reduce maximum risk in exchange for acceptance of limited maximum profit.

Another variation of the spread is the synthetic long or short stock strategy, which combines calls with puts and long with short positions. Many spreads are designed to maximize profit resulting from large price movement in the underlying, while reducing the cost of the option position with offsets in long and short and with variation in exercise dates and strikes.

Thomsett Chapter 8. Strategic Payoff: Straddles Abstract Analysis of risks for long and short straddles reveals different outcomes, based on degrees of historical volatility.

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Straddles combining bullish and bearish sides in a single trade maximize potential profits, but often are accompanied by higher costs long or higher risks short. Risk elements in straddles, covered straddles and strangles are more complex as well, providing an array of selections to suit different risk tolerance levels.

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A related variation in risks is found among straps and strips. All straddles and their variations require analysis of maximum profit, maximum loss and breakeven to fully appreciate both profit potential and loss risk. In many formulations of straddles, these profit or loss sides of a trade may also be unlimited, expanding both profit and loss tomsett michael options trading. Thomsett Chapter 9. Probability and Risk Abstract Most statistical studies are based on finite populations and assumptions of normal distribution.

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In options trading, populations and outcomes may be unlimited, and abnormal distribution is the rule rather than the exception. With fat tails witnessed in options statistics, the role of random variables is significant. Complicating the risk universe further is the human element, in which confirmation bias, risk tolerance, and risk profit all add intangible variables to estimates of likely outcomes.

This highlights the importance of a theory of fluency into the required analysis of the random variables of options trading.