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One standard deviation in options. Standard Deviation & Options


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    • December 20, No matter what type of security or financial instrument one might be trading, the expected price range of the underlying is typically a critical factor in determining how to capitalize upon a given opportunity.
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    I assume everyone understands the concept and especially how it relates to selling volatility premium on options. More specifically those options that meet my criteria for premium selling.

    There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the term standard deviation. Whatever the case I will try to simplify it for you, it really is quite simple. I have included a bell curve illustration at the one standard deviation in options of this article to provide a visual representation.

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    • The variance for each data point is calculated by subtracting the mean from the value of the data point.
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    In volatility selling we use standard deviation to establish parameters for the strike prices we want to sell. Implied volatility, time as defined by days to expirationrisk free rate of return and the price of the underlying instrument are the primary drivers in determing the standard deviaton for a specific time frame. In the options trading world implied volatility predicts the one standard deviation range on an underlying instrument stock, ETF or future for one year.

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    Of course most of the trades that I take are materially less than one year. So how do we determine the expected one standard deviation for shorter periods of time? It is not important to memorize the formula but implied volatility plays a very important role.

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    It is a known fact that a year is days. The options market is not open on weekends and holidays so many traders use days as the number of trading days in a year. I chose to use days because the square root of is 16 which is a whole number.

    You can use days also and you will not see a material difference.

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    My only suggestion is that you remain consistent. You do not have to be a math savant to figure out any of this. Most option trading platforms display this information right on the options chain.

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    Also, there are probability calculators easily found on the internet or you can visit my website www. Ok you say I got the calculation part I still have no clue why I care about standard deviation.

    Let me help with that. A one standard deviation move is expected to contain the range of the underlying A two standard deviation move is expected to contain the range of the underlying About 95 out of times Submit a Comment Your email address will not be published.

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