Infantry Enlistment Job Description for MOS 11X

Forts training options

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Detachment 1 produces over 1, mission-ready Airmen graduates annually. Its apprentice graduates are awarded between 10 and 25 college credits depending on their training course. Students are trained to operate dump trucks, loaders, compact track loader, backhoe, and crawler tractor.

Upon completion of the day course, students attend a 5-academic day inter-service course and are trained to operate a road grader to perform basic road leveling and V-ditching operations.

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This course is academic days and graduates are awarded 3 CCAF college credits. Risk management options USAF Emergency Management schoolhouse instructs military and civil service students in three initial skill apprentice training courses.

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Finally, students are taught instructor and teaching fundamentals in a 5-academic day Air Force course before graduating. Each of these courses are academic days and graduates are awarded 3 CCAF college credits.

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The Engineering schoolhouse consists of two initial skills apprentice training courses: a academic-day inter-service course followed by a academic-day Air Force course. These courses teach apprentice-level Airmen Civil Engineer design, manual and computer aided drafting, conventional and automated drafting, engineer contingency support forts training options, GPS surveying, Geographical Information Systems, and USAF Civil Engineer wartime and contingency responsibilities.

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The Engineering schoolhouse also teaches four advanced supplemental courses: Engineering Craftsman, Construction Surveying, Advanced Geographical Information Systems, and Contract Construction Inspection mobile course. Each of these courses are academic days and graduates are awarded CCAF college credits.

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Additional training is conducted in operator skills, basic driving hazards, operator maintenance, loading and lashing cargo, vehicle licensing, flight line driving, cargo distribution, and convoy operations. Army Military Police School.

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Training is provided in the areas of special reaction team tactics, hostage negotiation techniques, military police investigation, protective services, conventional physical security, crime prevention, forts training options weapons operations, anti-terrorism measures and combating terrorism on military installations.

By living by these core values, our Airmen ensure the U.

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