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History Past Glass has been present in the Czech countries from time immemorial.

The wealth of sand and wood in the Bohemian basin and its unique position in the centre of the Europe have offered glassmakers exceptional facilities. The origins of the contemporary glassmaking date back to the Gothic era, i.

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The first glassworks were set up in the virgin forests on the border of Bohemian Kingdom, because of plenty of fuel and glassmaking additives.

At first, the window-glass fabrication prevailed, being significantly supported by the Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV, who charged local workshops with production of stained-glass panes for the Prague castle. During pauses, the glassblowers were how to make a bitcoin application to make glass vessels for their homes; therefore the owners of glass workshops aimed to employ their skills.

Graceful goblets of greenish Gothic glass have become embellishments of many recent museums.

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The popularity of the Bohemian glass has permanently increased during the Middle Ages; in the 16th century at least 34 melting works were documented at the Bohemian area.

The artists from the whole Europe came to the country and the emperor Rudolf II granted two dynasties of glassworks masters the status of aristocrats.

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Bohemian glass and crystal became famous throughout the world and put also the Venice articles, previously reckoned to be the best one, into the shade. During the 19th century, the world glass industry witnessed important changes that influenced its following development. The glassworks left off their dependence on woods owing to railway transport and switching to generator gas heated furnaces, and they moved to industrial areas.

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This is probably why the glassworks was set up here, although there was lack of suitable raw materials and manpower was more expensive than in border areas. The construction began on 21st Apriland the factory, which was the most modern in Bohemia at that time, began to work in June The main items produced were glass parts of kerosene lamps, inkpots, bottles, beer glasses, jugs and other table goods.

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New premises were constructed; etching workshop and trading house bohemia trading shop were built at the turn of the century. InJosef Inwald was given aristocratic status and the glassworks was granted special privileges including the right to use the emblem of Austrian eagle.

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The owner has invested to other glassworks in the Bohemian area and he transferred his firm to Prague, the capital of young Czechoslovak republic, in Under his management, probably the most important decision was made for future of the glassworks in — the enterprise started to produce lead crystal glass.

There was significant increase of demands and that brought development and in effect, renewal of all premises.

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Luckily, this was called off due to the cost of the project. The firm stopped growing when he left Czechoslovakia due to imminent occupation.

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The glassworks was switched to production of war purpose articles and continued to decline. Ironically, the fire in helped the factory, due to the fact that at least part of its lead crystal production has returned back because of reconstruction of one of the two furnaces. After the war, the plant underwent major refurbishment.

Cooking school Esscapade About us Bohemia Cristal with headquarter in Selb was founded in as a trading company and belongs today to one of the leading glass trading companies in Germany. Since the beginning of time Bohemia Cristal works closely with many Czech glassworks, especially with the sister company Kavalierglass, as well as other glass producers from all over the world. The partnership with very modern manufacturing plants enable Bohemia Cristal to offer a very large product range with traditional and modern glass art. The range of products include mouth-blown and automatically made drinking glasses and gifts of crystal and soda glass, pressed glass, heat-resistant glass products of the brand SIMAX. Regarding project business is Bohemia Cristal a professional and approved partner and offers beside the wide procurement, also the service of customized packaging and marketing concepts.

The Bohemia trade mark was diffused across the entire utility glass of Czechoslovak provenience with trading house bohemia trading exception of heat resistant glass, every glass and crystal was exported through the monopoly enterprise Glassexport. Still, this period brought also considerable benefits. The name Bohemia has strengthened its positions on world markets and it has gained extra position in Japan, Australia, the countries of Near East and former Soviet Union, and in some countries of Western Europe.

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Inthe state monopoly was broken. Crystal Bohemia, a.

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