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Having a strong network for an angel investor means better deal-flow, access to better information, syndicate partners and follow-on investors.

The network centrality algorithm is akin to the initial Google Pagerank algo. Simplistically, it measures the breadth of connections an investor has the sheer of connections and the quality of those links, i.

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Below are the top 20 angel investors based on their Network Centrality scores. Alexis Ohanian, founder of social news site Reddit, ranked first in Network Centrality among all angels, with New Enterprise Associates, Google Ventures, and First Round Capital following-on to his investments most frequently. Also of note, 6 of the top 20 angels by network centrality had affiliations with famed accelerator Y Combinator.

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Andreessen Horowitz and SV Angel rounded out the top 3. Bobby Yazdani Tops Follow-On Rates Another important dimension beyond network centrality to evaluate angel investors is their ability to get their portfolio companies follow-on funding.

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Three of the top 5 investors by follow-on rate are current or former entrepreneurs with the best investors on the internet previously mentioned Yazdani founding SecondMarket. Naval Ravikant, the entrepreneur behind Genoa Corp, Epinions. His investing prowess led him to the top 3 spots across multiple categories in our Investor Mosaic rankings, and ultimately to 1 among all Angels.

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The top 20 angel investors participated in over deals from to Naval Ravikant was the most prolific of the top 20 in that time, with over 75 investments, while David Tisch and Paige Craig rounded out the top 3 on a deals basis. Where Are The Top Investing? International startups also received more investments than Massachusetts, with Esther Dyson leading the top 20 in international investments including participation in early-stage rounds for Russia-based Ostrovok and Finland-based Valkeeamong others.

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Of course, some like Sequoia Capitaloptions in real business already formalized their working relationship with angels via things like their Scout fund. With all the interest in angel investors, the ability to track the efficacy of individual angel investors will become increasingly important.

We Analyzed 2000 Angel Investors. Here are the Top 1%.

Notes: Angel Investors associated with institutional funds were excluded from our list. Investments into companies at the early stages are included in this analysis. An angel investor investing in a secondary market round for a private company are excluded. Angel investments are a fairly opaque part of the innovation economy as angel investors may keep deals undisclosed.