Introduction to high-yield investment projects

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How to choose the hype

This requires the choice of a high yield program with a very healthy growth of new members, a site that is well promoted and with a good admin.

This is where site statistics are useful in making the choice.

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The truth is that the later investors in HYIP programs may be paying out most of the interest for the earlier investors. Eventually, if new money dries up, the income from the later investors will not cover the interest and the bubble will burst - the site will close.

  • Different investment funds offer different periodicity for calculating the interest rate - every day or every month.
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However, while it lasts, the profits for you are huge. Just keep a close eye on how many new members are joining, how much is being invested and paid out.

Make sure you remember to go back to the site to withdraw your earnings - it is not internet earnings hyip Put it in your diary!! Be prepared to move onto the next HYIP program pdq.

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This is where the choice of program in which to invest is critical. The program you choose must give good 'real time' statistics.

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This way you can see what is happening to the site before you invest again. The Short Term program you choose must pay back the the interest and the principal amount you paid in.

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Most Long Term HYIP programs only pay out the interest, never the principal, so you have to stay investing for a month or so to get back the money you paid, before you start to make a profit. They do, however, usually allow automatic compounding which is good for the investor. Longer term programs are better for punters who don't have the time to check the programs daily! Choose a program with a forum where you will soon get a whiff of problems.

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Ok, the forum may delete posts that are bad for business but you internet earnings hyip get an idea. Search Google for the site and see what other forums have to say. But read with common sense - some negative posts may be from people chucked out because they cheated or from rival sites.

Bookmark this page and check back in the future before reinvesting to see what to open and make money the situation has changed.

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