Five Guiding Principles for Leveraging the Healthcare Contact Center

Dealing centers operating principles

Process View involves looking at the organization in a new way by linking business strategy and customer needs to all aspects of process design and management.

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This requires a clear view on the interrelationships inside and outside the organization and a common language for change management [ 50 ].

The PV dimension is to encourage the personnel to view individual actions as links in a chain of events crossing traditional functional barriers — viewing the organization as an integrated set of processes [ 51 ].

To accomplish PV, organizations must develop a system architecture in which understanding of the organization and improvement opportunities are established by identifying and mapping the high-level business processes [ 2352 ]. Linking business strategy and patient needs to process design, means designing processes to deliver health services to target patient groups.

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The PV dimension was operationalized and measured with eleven items. The key in process-oriented organizations is to identify how different work activities are holistically accomplished in the organization, to map and manage these cross-functional processes and to use multidisciplinary process teams to carry them out [ 21 ]. Working in teams empowers staff, decentralizes decision-making and allows greater learning across the organization. The way a process-oriented organization is structured needs to be supported and promoted by top and middle management also management commitment to PO.

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Otherwise the process-oriented initiatives are less likely to secure benefits [ 47 ]. Some organizations are not able to align all activities along processes. The existence of process owners is the most visible difference between a process-oriented and a traditional organization [ 18 ]. A process owner must have leadership experience and the authority to act in the interest of the process and take all measures necessary to coordinate and improve the business process [ 45 ].

Process jobs According to Hammer [ 49 ] employees must be skilled in team work, problem solving, process improvement, and decision techniques. Process performers must have appropriate knowledge of how to execute the process in order to be able to implement the process design accordingly [ 49 ].

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Employees must also embrace the collaboration and the continuous improvement mentality, and feel responsible for these activities. The knowledge management processes which a process-oriented organization must focus on are those for the creation, transfer and sharing, and the embedding and use of knowledge [ 19 ].

Emphasis must be put on cross-skill training and the importance of gaining wider experience by working with different people within different processes.

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Furthermore, the organization must have a cadre of experts in change management, process re- design, and process improvement methodologies [ 49 ].

The PJ dimension was operationalized and measured with six items. Process measurement and management Since a business process can only be controlled and managed if it can be measured, organizations need to implement indicators for performance and take dealing centers operating principles and corrective actions when necessary [ 45 ].

Congruence and common focus across separate organizational units can be achieved by focusing measurement on processes instead of functions [ 54 ]. Presenting the process performance results to employees allows them to timely react on bad performance of processes or it can motivate employees and improve adherence [ 3554 ].

We operationalized and measured this dimension with nine items. Customer-focused process values and beliefs Processes are the central core from which business is conducted, as long as they are supported by the people within the organization [ 55 ].

Therefore, the cultural fit in process-oriented organizations is an important source of failure or success in PO initiatives [ 42 ].

Five Guiding Principles for Leveraging the Healthcare Contact Center

According to Hammer [ 49 ] only a culture based on teamwork, willingness to change, customer orientation, personal accountability, and a cooperative leadership style fits organizations applying a process approach. The PVB dimension was operationalized and measured with six items.

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The conceptually make money auto measurement tool was pre-tested in a non-participating general hospital by an internal management consultant, an ophthalmology department manager and an ophthalmologist. Since we had indications that the importance of each dimension and also each item of PO varies [ 2048 ], we held an OM expert meeting focus group to discuss each item and to develop a scoring system for our HPO measurement tool.

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The items were thoroughly discussed and adapted to the comments. Since our purpose was first to assess the difference in perception between participants, i. This research will study processes from the ophthalmology department perspective of three hospitals and try to identify how these processes fit in the organization hospital perspective.

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We empirically tested the measurement tool by means of a small number of multiple in-depth case studies. Case selection should be based on replication logic rather than sampling logic, when building or testing a theory from case studies [ 56 ].

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For this reason, the criteria for case selection were: 1 predicts similar results and 2 produces contrary results but for predictable reasons.

To correspond to this criterion, this research studied the same branch of medicine, i. Ophthalmology is an ideal healthcare practice for the development and testing of the HPO measurement tool due to the fact that it is a comprehensive area of medicine with well-defined processes [ 57 ].

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The case studies were performed in the ophthalmic practices of three Dutch hospitals: one large university hospital, one large eye specialty hospital and one large general hospital. The choice to include three different types of hospitals into our research is for the purpose of comparing how three different types of hospitals perform on the PO assessment.

Five Guiding Principles for Leveraging the Healthcare Contact Center

In addition, applying the HPO measurement tool to different hospital environments will improve its generalizability [ 58 ]. Multi-site case studies aiming to identify, describe and link critical variables should be performed by applying structured interviews or survey questionnaires as techniques to collect data [ 5960 ].

Due to the fact that PO is a difficult and complex concept to measure, we chose not to apply the dealing centers operating principles sample survey method e-mail or online surveys.

The disadvantages and limitations of applying this method did not fit the objective of our dealing centers operating principles.