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We also want to interact with it from the quasar options system via the web. It will supply information about the specific jobs and tasks they will do in the gardens, and it will provide a way for them to report back what it is that they ended up doing on the job site that day. It will include a built-in time clock for them to clock in and clock out.

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Since multiple gardeners can work on the same job site, the data must be easily sharable, and they need to be able to see what each other reported back about what they did on the job site. Quasar options system will be an estimator page for our sales rep to use on the job-site to estimate for the customer in advance how much it will cost to get their job done.

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From this estimate, the app will produce work orders for the gardeners to use to know what work needs to be done and to report back. There will also be a schedule page for the staff to reference to see their own assigned tasks at a glance. I need to keep that info private within our company.

Only users with topic management privileges can see it.

Second, the staff will be sharing access to the data, so a relational DB makes more sense to me. The web pages produce json output from the DB, which I presume I should be able to use in the app.

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The first has to do with the fact that the gardeners are often offline in the gardens we put them in, so hardware wallets app definitely needs to be able to function offline.

So my first question is: does this overall approach make the most sense? It claims to be tons faster than the other two, so it would be great if I could use it. Thanks in advance for any help.

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