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Interest rates and Bank Rate Quantitative easing is a tool that central banks, like us, can use to inject money directly into the economy. Money is either physical, like banknotes, or digital, like the money in your bank account.

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Quantitative easing involves us creating digital money. We then use it to buy things like government debt in the form of bonds. Video on the Bank of England printing money.

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Video transcript - Does the Bank of England print money? The Bank of England prints the banknotes that are used every day in the UK. Sometimes, when needed we also need to create extra money to help the economy. This process is called quantitative easing. We use this new money to buy bonds from the private sector.

What is quantitative easing?

Buying these bonds stimulates spending and investment, helping the UK economy. Why do we need quantitative easing?

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We are tasked with keeping inflation — rises in the prices of goods and services — low and stable. The normal way we meet our inflation target is by changing Bank Rate, a key interest rate in the economy. But there's a limit to how low interest rates can go.

So when we needed to act to boost the economy, we turned to another method of doing so: we introduced quantitative easing. How does quantitative easing work?

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This pushes down on the interest rates offered on loans eg mortgages or business loans because rates on government bonds tend to affect other interest rates in the economy. So QE works by making it cheaper for households and businesses to borrow money — encouraging spending.

What Is the Difference Between Helicopter Money and QE?

In addition, QE can stimulate the economy by boosting a wide range of financial asset prices. Rather than hold on to this money, it might invest it in financial assets, such as shares, that give it a higher return.

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  • What Is the Difference Between Helicopter Money and QE?
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And when demand for financial assets is high, with more people wanting to buy them, the value of these assets increases. This makes businesses and households holding shares wealthier — making them more likely to spend more, boosting economic activity.

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How much quantitative easing have we done in the UK? Rounds of QE have been announced in response to the how to make money with qw conditions at the time. This graphic shows how bond purchases have built up over the years: Chart showing changes in Bank of England purchases of government bonds between November and June Find out more.

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