How to Draw Trend Lines Correctly

How to draw a trend line on the chart in

They are used to give indications as to the immediate trend and indicate when a trend has changed. They can also be used as support and resistance and provide opportunities to open and close positions. Drawing trend lines The chart below shows an example of a trend line in a downtrend and an uptrend.

It tends to respect Trendlines better. So this is where the context of the market plays a part. To identify the long-term trend This is quite a no-brainer.


If you know that a long-term trend is up, you want to be a buyer. Because it would naturally increase the probability of your trades working out.

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So a Trendline helps you to identify both a long-term uptrend and a long-term downtrend. To better time your entries and exits If you identify the market respecting a long-term uptrend… It makes sense to be buying as close to the Trendlines as possible.

This offers you a much more favourable risk to reward.

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Because if you buy near the Trendlines your stop loss is much tighter. But if you buy far from the Trendlines, your stop loss needs to be much larger.

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And when the pullback comes, chances are you're going to be stopped out. So buying near the Trendlines offers much more favourable risk to reward on your trades.

Now the question is: How do you draw Trendlines? Well, the reason being… That there are just way too many Trendlines on this chart!

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Which Trendlines should you pay attention to? There's just way too many and it gives you analysis paralysis. So it doesn't make sense to be drawing your Trendlines like this.

By Casey Murphy Updated Jun 25, Uptrends and downtrends are hot topics among technical analysts and traders because they ensure that the underlying market conditions are working in favor of a trader's position, rather than against it. Trendlines are easily recognizable lines that traders draw on charts to connect a series of prices together. The resulting line is then used to give the trader a good idea of the direction in which an investment's value might move. In this article, you'll discover how to use this tool.

Instead, if you follow this simple framework that I'm about to share with you… Trust me, your charts will look much how to draw a trend line on the chart in. How to draw Trendlines Here's how you do it: Define your timeframe Draw Trendlines that connect at least 2 major swing points Adjust to get as many touches as possible 1.

It doesn't make sense to be drawing a Trendline on the mins, mins or 1-hour timeframe. Because it's irrelevant to your trading needs. Your trading needs are on a daily timeframe.

Drawing trend lines

If you want to draw a little bit more lines… You can refer to the weekly timeframe, just one timeframe higher. But you don't want to go down to a lower timeframe to draw your Trendlines. Always define your timeframe first.

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Zoom out bars You want to zoom out your charts. Because when you look at a chart, it's very easy to get caught up in the current price action now.

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Zooming out can be subjective, but my advice is to have at least bars on your chart. It also depends on the screen you're trading from.

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A trader on the inch screen and a trader on a inch screen will zoom out differently. To be objective here, I would say at least bars on your chart. Draw Trendlines that connect at least 2 major swing points You want to draw Trendlines that connect at least two major swing points.

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And the way I do it is to connect the two major swing points. This means that I tend to not really pay much attention to minor swing points compared to the major swing points.

#11: How To Draw Trendlines Like A Pro

Because the Trendlines with major swing points are the ones that define the significant long-term trends. But on the timeframe that you're trading on, you can treat those minor swing points as secondary.

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It can touch the body or the wick of the candles. Remember to zoom out your chart. I typically zoom out 5 times roll the mouse wheel backwards by 5 clicks.

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Now you can clearly see that the information presented to you is much more different. Remember, you want to connect the major swing points. Major swing points are levels or areas on your chart that stand out straight in your face. A tip to share with you is this: You can use just click on this Trendline and copy-paste to get another Trendline.

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Now you can treat it as an area instead of just a line. You can also copy-paste again and connect the swing highs. I want to get as many touches as possible. Remember you can treat this the upper channel as an area as well.

What Are Trend Lines?

Now, if you zoom out a little bit you can see where the area of value on your chart is. The lower portion of the Trendline is an area of value. As the market could possibly reverse from the upward trend channel.

So this is how you draw a Trendline. You can shift the Trendline lower and get as many touches as possible: By shifting the Trendline, I get a better fit now.