Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) Parameters

What is a vendor option


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    DHCP servers and clients use Option 43 to exchange vendor-specific configuration information. PXE server address, which is used to obtain the boot file or other control information from the PXE server.

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    Option 43 format Figure Option 43 format Network configuration parameters are carried in different sub-options of Option 43 as shown in Figure Sub-option type—The field value can be 0x01 ACS parameter sub-option0x02 service provider identifier sub-optionor 0x80 PXE server address sub-option. Sub-option length—Excludes the sub-option type and sub-option length fields. Sub-option value—The value format varies by sub-option.

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    Figure ACS parameter sub-option value field Service provider identifier sub-option value field—Includes the service provider identifier. PXE server address sub-option value field—Includes the PXE server type that can only be 0, the server number that indicates the number of PXE servers contained in the sub-option, and server IP addresses, as shown in Figure Figure PXE server address sub-option value field.