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Earnings Money for the management of the stock market. Types of trust management in the stock market. An alternative to trust management in the foreign exchange market The easiest way to generate income from investments in stocks and bonds is to transfer your funds to the management of someone who is professionally involved in investing in the stock market.

Such a service is called "trust management": the investor transfers the savings to the trustee in order to obtain their growth through transactions in the stock market.

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When transferring property USN income additional payments trust management, the ownership of the property remains with the investor founder of the managementand is not transferred to the manager. The trustee does not become the owner of these funds, he only manages them in the interests of the investor and receives remuneration for his service, the amount of which is determined by the amount of income he received for the investor.

He is interested in maximizing the investor's capital transferred to him in trust. Trust management can be individual and collective.

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In individual trust Voronchikhin trading, the company separately manages each client's portfolio, and in collective management, the funds of many, many clients are combined into one common portfolio, and the company manages one large fund. In such a fund, each investor has a share proportional to the amount of funds deposited. Collective investments are created specifically for small private investors who want to increase their capital in the stock market, but do not have sufficient capital or opportunities for independent investment.

Collective trust management includes mutual investment funds PIFs and the so-called general banking management funds OFBUwhich are also gaining popularity among Russian investors. Mutual investment funds Mutual funds make securities investments affordable for many low-value investors.


Professional fund managers will manage your money in the stock market. A small investment and professional management are the main advantages of mutual funds over investing in stocks and bonds on Voronchikhin trading own through a broker.

You do not need to constantly monitor Voronchikhin trading prices and financial news, buy and sell securities on the stock exchange. Mutual funds are created specifically for non-professional investors - ordinary people who do not have the appropriate investment knowledge and experience or cannot devote significant time to managing their capital.

Mutual investment funds are available even to those who receive an average income by Russian Voronchikhin trading. You can invest in a mutual fund any amount. Even with a thousand rubles, you can get a real income higher than in a bank. But, of course, investing a penny is pointless.

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Figuratively speaking, a mutual fund is a "money bag" in which investors put their money for further investment in the financial markets by professional managers.

The shareholder's money is combined with the money of hundreds and thousands of other investors who also transfer their funds to trust. A mutual investment fund is not legal entity - This is the so-called separate property complex.

But the management company creates this property complex and manages it on the stock market.

Voronchikhin trading

A management company is a stock market participant licensed to carry out activities for the management of investment funds, mutual funds and non-state pension funds. In addition to managing mutual funds, they also have the right to manage the reserves of non-state pension funds NPFinsurance reserves of insurance companies and individual trust management of securities. The pension reform has given rise to a new type of trust management: companies invest the funded part of the pension transferred to them in the management of citizens.

To date, 55 private management companies have received the right to manage the funded part of the Voronchikhin trading.

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Investors in mutual funds - shareholders - receive neither interest nor dividends on their investments. Income consists only of the increase in the value of the investor's share in the fund the value of the shares.

If the value of the shares has increased, they can be sold the law "On investment funds" calls this redemption and receive income. The difference between the sale redemption value and the purchase price of the shares will constitute the investor's income or loss.

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Unlike deposits in banks, no return on investment in mutual funds not guaranteed. It all depends on what income the securities that make up the fund's investment portfolio bring.

If the securities in the fund's portfolio grow, then the income of the shareholders also grows. If the value of the securities decreases, then the shareholder's capital also decreases.

However, it must be remembered that as long as you have not sold the shares, both your income and your loss are not the final result Voronchikhin trading the investment.

So, the decline in the value of the share can be completely waited out and wait for a new rise in prices. Mutual funds have many advantages for investors over investing in stocks and bonds on their own. Due to their advantages - reliability, profitability and availability for the widest range of investors - mutual funds are becoming the most popular type of investment for private investors on the Russian stock market.

The number of mutual funds is growing rapidly, new types of mutual funds appear. Undoubtedly, mutual funds will eventually become a serious alternative to bank deposits. OFBU are funds similar to mutual funds.

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Only they are created and Voronchikhin trading not by management companies, but by banks. Just like a mutual fund, OFBU is not a legal entity. The bank accumulates investors' funds, combines them into one common fund and then manages the fund in the financial market. Only financially stable banks belonging to the 1st category in terms of financial condition and having a capital of at least million rubles can establish OFBU. The bank can establish several funds, depending on the management strategy.

A significant difference for an investor between mutual funds and OFBUs is that these funds have different opportunities for investing the shareholder's funds in earning assets.

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UIFs are tightly controlled by external organizations especially a specialized depository and are required to strictly adhere to the composition and structure of assets in accordance with the requirements of the state stock market regulator - Federal Service by financial markets FFMS.

OFBUs have much more opportunities Voronchikhin trading asset investment - investors' funds can be invested not only in Russian, but also in foreign securities, currency, precious Voronchikhin trading it is possible Voronchikhin trading perform operations on the derivatives market with futures and options that bring the highest income or insure against risks.

Voronchikhin trading for mutual funds the advantages of such tight control are lower investment risk and protection against fraudulent management, then the advantages of mutual funds in comparison with mutual funds are the greatest flexibility in management depending on the situation on the financial markets. However, the liberal conditions for managing the OFBU does not mean that the bank can do whatever it wants with investors' money.

Transactions with funds invested in OFBU are carried out in accordance with the investment declaration adopted by the bank. The investment declaration must contain information on Voronchikhin trading share of each type of property, each type of securities stocks, bonds, bills, etc.

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The bank cannot issue loans loans at the expense of the property held in trust, as is the case with ordinary deposits in the bank. Another difference between OFBU and mutual funds is that units of a mutual fund can only be bought for rubles, and an investor can invest in OFBU everything that the fund's declaration allows to invest in - dollars, euros, securities or even precious metals.

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When investing in OFBU, a trust management agreement is concluded between the manager bank and the founder of the management investor. The trustee is obliged to issue a document for the amount of the contributed property - a certificate equity participationconfirming the fact of transferring the property into trust. The certificate indicates the size of the founder's share in the general fund of banking management.

Voronchikhin trading

A certificate of Voronchikhin trading participation is not Voronchikhin trading security and cannot be the subject of sales contracts - it is a kind of receipt. Investors are also not guaranteed income in OFBU - it all depends on the profitability of investment assets and the efficiency of fund management.

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The number of operating OFBUs is about five times less than that of mutual funds. Individual trust management UIFs and OFBUs refer to collective investment - small amounts of hundreds and thousands of investors are combined into a single portfolio, which is managed in the case of a mutual fund by a management company, and in the case of OFBU by a bank.

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Of course, all fund shareholders are content Voronchikhin trading only one general Option breakeven for managing the fund and cannot give any instructions to the manager. However, if you have a significantly larger amount than is required to enter into most funds, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of individual securities trust.

Individual management is carried out by professional participants extra income at work the securities market licensed to carry out activities for the trust management of securities - these are investment companies, management companies, often having this license as a second, and banks they are also required to have a license.

In individual fiduciary management, a personal portfolio manager manages the client's portfolio according to a strategy tailored specifically to the client's needs.

Strategies are the essential difference for an investor between mutual funds and trust management. The difference in strategies is determined by the fact that mutual funds can invest in securities only in accordance with the strict requirements of full training of binary options Federal Financial Markets Service, indicating in which securities and in what proportions it is possible to invest.

Therefore, the opportunity to earn on securities for mutual funds is significantly less than for trust management.

Voronchikhin trading

The advantage of trust management is active strategies in the stock market up to speculation in a falling market, operations in the futures and options market. And mutual funds always stick to the chosen strategy. As a rule, this is either a portfolio of stocks or bonds, or the fund's portfolio contains stocks and bonds with an advantage in one Voronchikhin trading or another.

The client can set certain parameters of the portfolio that the portfolio manager will adhere to, for example, the composition and structure of the portfolio, different ratios of profitability, risk or liquidity of investments.

All these parameters will be recorded in the investment declaration. When the market conditions change, the manager can quickly change the investment strategy. In the event of a fall in the stock market, he can shift capital from stocks to bonds, which are much more stable and bring guaranteed interest income.

Voronchikhin trading

Genuine personalized trust is possible for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Often, management companies simultaneously offer investors mutual funds and individual trust management services. Individual trust management is chosen by medium and large investors who value an individual approach to a client and who need to develop a special investment strategy that is impossible in a mutual fund. Who guarantees high profitability of trust management? What is the rating of trust management companies?

Is it possible to protect against fraud in trust management? Greetings, dear readers! Alla Prosyukova with you. Show me at least one person who is Voronchikhin trading not interested in money? There are no such?

And since everyone is interested in banknotes, then the topic of managing them will certainly be interesting. It is precisely this issue - trust management of money - that the new article is devoted to. So, forward to financial literacy!

What is trust money management and what is its essence? By tradition, I first give the basic definition.

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This is the transfer by any person of his savings into the hands of professionals who, at their discretion, invest the capital transferred to them. The objectives of trust money management: saving savings from Voronchikhin trading spending; capital gain; concealment of capital; preservation of finances in case of bankruptcy.

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Manage professionally in cash can be a company management company and a private manager trader who has the necessary license. The manager receives remuneration for his work - a percentage of the profit.

When deciding to invest money in trust management DMyou need to understand that such management Voronchikhin trading result in both large profits and complete losses. Moreover, most often the manager is not liable for the loss. Trust money management has both pros and cons.