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Share Article via Email Dado Ruvic Reuters The hacking group behind the SolarWinds compromise was able to break into Microsoft and access some of its source code, Microsoft said on Thursday, something experts said sent a worrying signal about the spies' ambition. Source code — the underlying set of instructions that run a piece of software or operating system— is typically among a technology company's most closely guarded secrets and Microsoft has historically been particularly careful about protecting it.

It is not clear how much or what parts of Microsoft's source code repositories the hackers were able to access, but the disclosure suggests that the hackers who used software company SolarWinds as a springboard to break into sensitive U. Microsoft had already disclosed that like other firms it found malicious versions of SolarWinds' software inside its network, but the source code disclosure — made in a blog post — is new.

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After Reuters reported it was breached two weeks ago, Microsoft said it had not "found any evidence of access to production services.

A Microsoft spokesman said security employees had been working "around the clock" and that "when there is actionable information to share, they have published and shared it.

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Modifying source code — which Microsoft said the hackers did not do — could have potentially disastrous consequences given the ubiquity of Microsoft products, which include the Office productivity suite and the Windows operating system. But experts said that even just being able to review the code could offer hackers insight that might help them subvert Microsoft products or services.

Purpose[ edit ] The stated purpose of the puzzles each year has been to recruit "highly intelligent individuals", although the ultimate purpose remains unknown. According to statements of several people who won the puzzle, typically uses non-puzzle-based recruiting methods, but created the Cicada puzzles because they were looking for potential members with cryptography and computer security skills.

He said he doubted that Microsoft had made the common mistake of leaving cryptographic keys or passwords in the code. Microsoft noted that it allows broad internal access to its code, and former employees agreed that it is more open than other companies.

See also: Block code Codes may also be used to represent data in a way more resistant to errors in transmission or storage. This so-called error-correcting code works by including carefully crafted redundancy with the stored or transmitted data. Error detecting codes can be optimised to detect burst errors, or random errors.

In its blog post, Microsoft said it had found no evidence of access "to production services or customer data. Reuters reported a week ago that Microsoft-authorized resellers were hacked and their access to productivity programs inside targets leveraged in attempts to read email.

Microsoft acknowledged some vendor access was misused but has not said how many resellers or customers may have been breached. There was no response to requests earnings on the Internet on secret codes comment from the FBI, which is investigating the hacking campaign, or from the Department of Homeland Security's Cybsersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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Both Tait and Ronen Slavin, Cycode's chief technology officer, said a key unanswered question was which source code repositories were accessed. Microsoft has a huge range of products, from widely used Windows to lesser known software such as social networking app Yammer and the design app Sway. Slavin said he was worried by the possibility that the SolarWinds hackers were poring over Microsoft's source code as prelude to a much more ambitious offensive.

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