RSI CCI Binary

Cci binary options strategy, CCI Trading Strategy


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    It work best on minutes binary options. You should always check efficiency of the strategy before using real money.

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    We recommend uTrader broker, with its risk-free demo account. As it is a very simple system, it can be freely modified by matching their individual trading needs, capital management system and exposure to risk. You should see the following window: This strategy uses the standard settings of the indicator, so there is no need to modify any option.

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    You just have to confirm it. Now on the bottom of chart you should see new window with a line and two horizontal levels — 30 and If the line is above 70 the market is overbought; If the line is under 30 the market is oversold.

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    The rules here are really simple. We have to open position few seconds before close of current candle. You can see it below.

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    As you can see, the price is generating more signals then I marked there is more chance of failure. Although it can filter some profitable positions, it filters mostly the bad ones.

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    You can check this strategy with uTrader — binary options broker with a risk-free account.