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Gains and losses from changes in fair values of derivatives that are not designated as hedges are recognized in other income expense. These are generally offset by unrealized gains and losses in the underlying securities in the investment portfolio and are recorded as a component of other comprehensive income.

Fiscal year compared with fiscal year Dividends and interest income decreased due to lower yields on our fixed-income investments, offset in part by higher average portfolio investment balances. Interest expense increased due to our increased issuance of debt in the prior year.

Net recognized gains on investments increased, primarily due to higher gains on sales of equity and fixed-income securities and a gain recognized on the partial sale of our Facebook holding upon the initial public offering on May 18,offset in part by higher other-than-temporary impairments.

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Net losses on derivatives increased due to losses on commodity and equity derivatives in the current fiscal year as compared with gains discussion of internet earnings the prior fiscal year, offset in part by fewer losses on foreign exchange contracts in the current fiscal year as compared to the prior fiscal year.

Changes in foreign currency remeasurements were primarily due to currency movements net of our hedging activities. Fiscal year compared with fiscal optonbt binary options Dividends and interest income increased due to higher average portfolio investment balances, offset in part by lower yields on our fixed-income investments. Interest expense increased due to our increased issuance of debt.

The earnings conference call is a way for companies to relay information to all interested parties, including institutional and individual investors, as well as buy- and sell-side analysts. Conference calls allow companies to highlight successes during prosperous times and calm fears during adverse ones. The most popular time for companies to conduct these calls is immediately following the release of financial results, typically at the end of each quarter. These are known as quarterly earnings results conference calls.

Net recognized gains on investments increased, primarily due to higher gains on sales of equity securities, offset in part by fewer gains on sales of fixed-income securities. Derivative losses decreased, primarily due to higher gains on commodity derivatives offset in part by higher losses on currency contracts used to hedge foreign currency revenue. Our effective tax rates were lower than the U.

In fiscal yearwe settled a portion of an I. Changes in the mix of income before income taxes between the U. We supply Windows, our primary Windows Division product, to customers through our U. In fiscal years andour U.

The primary driver for the decrease in the U. While we settled a portion of the I. In Februarythe I.

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As of June 30,the primary unresolved issue relates to transfer pricing which could have a significant impact on our financial statements if not resolved favorably.

We believe our allowances for tax contingencies are appropriate. We do not believe it is reasonably possible that the total amount of unrecognized tax benefits will significantly increase or decrease within the next 12 months, as we do not believe the remaining open issues will be resolved within the next 12 months.

We also continue to be subject to examination by the I. Our effective tax rate was lower than the U.

In fiscal years andthe reduction of the U. In addition, our effective tax rate was lower than in the prior year due to a partial settlement with the I.

Discussion of internet earnings short-term investments are primarily to facilitate liquidity and for capital preservation.

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They consist predominantly of highly liquid investment-grade fixed-income securities, diversified among industries and individual issuers. The investments are predominantly U. Our fixed-income investments are exposed to interest rate risk and credit risk.


The credit risk and average maturity of our fixed-income portfolio are managed to achieve economic returns that correlate to certain fixed-income indices. The settlement risk real earnings on the Internet on investments 2020 to these investments is insignificant given that the short-term investments held are primarily highly liquid investment-grade fixed-income securities.

While we own certain mortgage-backed and asset-backed fixed-income securities, our portfolio as of June 30, does not contain direct exposure to subprime mortgages or structured vehicles that derive their value from subprime collateral.

We routinely monitor our financial exposure to both sovereign and non-sovereign borrowers and counterparties.

What Is an Earnings Conference Call?

Our gross exposures to our customers and investments in Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain are individually and collectively not material. Securities lending We lend certain fixed-income and equity securities to increase investment returns. The loaned securities continue to be carried as investments on our balance sheet.

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Cash received is recorded as an asset with a corresponding liability. Intra-year variances in the amount of securities loaned are mainly due to fluctuations in the demand for the securities.

Valuation In general, and where applicable, we use quoted prices in active markets for identical assets or liabilities to determine the fair value of our financial instruments.

This pricing methodology applies to our Level 1 investments, such as exchange-traded mutual funds, domestic and international equities, and U.

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If quoted prices in active markets for identical assets or liabilities are not available to determine fair value, then we use quoted prices for discussion of internet earnings assets and liabilities or inputs other than the quoted prices that are observable either directly or indirectly. This pricing methodology applies to our Level 2 investments such as corporate notes and bonds, foreign government bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and agency securities.

Level 3 investments are valued using internally developed models with unobservable inputs. Assets and liabilities measured using unobservable inputs are an immaterial portion of our portfolio. A majority of our investments are priced by pricing vendors and are generally Level 1 or Level 2 investments as these vendors either provide a quoted market price in an active market or use observable inputs for their pricing without applying significant adjustments.

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Broker pricing is used mainly when a quoted price is not available, the investment is not priced by our pricing vendors, or when a broker price is more reflective of fair values in the market in which the investment trades.

Our broker-priced investments are generally labeled as Level 2 investments because the broker prices these investments based on similar assets without applying significant adjustments. In addition, all of our broker-priced investments have a sufficient level of trading volume to demonstrate that the fair values used are appropriate for these investments.

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Our fair value processes include controls that are designed to ensure appropriate fair values are recorded. These controls include model validation, review of key model inputs, analysis of period-over-period fluctuations, and independent recalculation of prices where appropriate.

Debt We issued debt in prior periods to take advantage of favorable pricing and liquidity in the debt markets, reflecting our credit rating and the low interest rate environment.