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After 5 years, last night we had to say goodbye to Sydney Bristow. I thought the season finale epitomized what made Alias so special for all these years…it was exciting, smart, heartfelt, and satisfying.

Julie has written her last recap for Alias.

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Show her the love and tell her how much you want her back next season for more recaps. Thanks again, Julie, I am so glad you joined our team.

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They believed it was run by 12 people, but no one knew who…until now. You go, girl. Syd descends a staircase in a lovely leopard-print dress. She orders a martini, takes a few photos of someone with a lipstick camera, and is about to leave when she hears a couple names that sound familiar—names of Prophet 5 members. Jack tells her to get pictures, but not to blow her cover. Syd attempts to pose as a draonoptons binary options reviews to get the additional pics, but her cover is blown and she has to race away from security.

Up on the roof, she attaches herself to a harness, does a daring dive and takes a couple pictures of her targets on the way down to the ground.

They need to plan it out—arrest them simultaneously to avoid tipping them off. Jack instructs Marshall to track their movements, as the group wonders about how to deal with Sloane. Vaughn wonders if she really believes it, reminding her that even if she does, she climbed the Mount Subasio and saw the sky, rendering the prophecy invalid. Marshall, also awake at home, climbs in bed with his wife, Carrie, attempting to get a little QT.

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No sign of Marshall. She invites him in and offers him a coffee. They break apart, and when Rachel leaves to get the draonoptons binary options reviews, Tom, looking conflicted, heads out the door. When draonoptons binary options reviews comes back, she hears a knock at the door. Peyton gets some pliers and appears to cut off one of his fingers as he screams.

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With both their tech people gone, they could sure use the help. I wonder if he birthed a squid baby earlier that day. Sloane hands Syd a cellphone and tells her to tell Marshall to comply with his requests.

Syd does, saying to Marshall that his life is more important, so he should do whatever they ask. She asks if he has anything he wants to tell Carrie. His task complete, Sloane gets in a car and drives away. They bring Rachel in to see Marshall.

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Marshall tells Rachel to help him because Syd said it was okay. They do some double-talk discussion of how to get the information — essentially flagging the network with a lot of traffic as a signal to the APOers — while they track down that the cavern is in Italy: Mount Subasio, to be exact.

She gets into the network, sees the spikes in traffic Marshall created, and tracks them to Ixtapa, Mexico. Sark, Peyton, and Sloane high-tail it out of there. Rachel pulls out the underwire out of her bra, opens her handcuffs, shoots a guard, and generally kicks serious ass right before Syd, Dixon, Tom and others show up to get them out of Ixtapa.

Draonoptons binary options reviews tells Jack that based on tracking Prophet 5 movement, the 12 are gathering in Zurich. They can bring them all down at once. Vaughn goes with her. Mount Subasio is snowy and windy. Syd and Vaughn share a smooch before Vaughn lowers Syd into the cavern by rope.

Sloane tells her a heartwarming anecdote about her rescuing stuffed animals as a child. He offers her the chance to leave, saying the only person she can rescue is herself.

Jack orders that they evacuate the subway, calling in a bomb threat to get the civilians out. Tom finds a bomb in an abandoned subway car. He plans to auto robot binary option it down with liquid nitrogen. With tears in her eyes, she tells him she would have said yes. Pity about that enormous explosion; what a cock-block. Peyton meets with the In the cavern, light comes in through an opening, and a prism from the amulet creates some kind of sparkling in the air.

The teacher tells her to close her eyes and ask herself this one question: What do you want to be when you grow up? A pony?!


Just kidding. Grown-up Syd is unconscious in a bed of snow. Back draonoptons binary options reviews another flashback with mini-Syd, her dad tells her that her mom was in an accident and her mom option shelving dead.

Peyton, Sark, and Sloane congregate somewhere with really big missiles. Peyton has brought Sloane some kind of glass-and-metal sphere.

Anderson on what American students are really learning about slavery. Inat the age of 19, Kossola was kidnapped by inhabitants of the Dahomey kingdom and brought to the barracoons barracks used to temporarily hold enslaved Africans in Ouidah, a city on the coast of modern-day Benin. Their captors were prosecuted and later had their charges dropped. Less than five years after landing in Alabama, emancipation arrived as the Confederate army surrendered in Virginia.

A snowglobe of evil? No, really, I mean it. You should not have done that. Jack calls Vaughn to tell him about the attack on LA. Meanwhile, we see scenes of mini-Syd studying a picture of her dead mom, then building a complicated tower out of blocks the indicator!

There are some definite parallels being drawn here. Homegirl is resilient.

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Witness her again in present day. Vaughn and Dixon corner her in an elevator, bring her back to Syd for some good old-fashioned interrogation…with a twist! Instead of, you know, tooth-pulling or a shock bath, they use a trick learned from former best friend Rachel.

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Yeah, that would really suck. Before Francie bounces off, she mentions bringing a guy for Syd to meet. His name is Danny. Aww, Buttercup! Build him up! Then let him down.

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Then find him dead in a bathtub at your apartment! Rhyming is fun. Down in the bowels of the building, Sloane takes out his evil snowglobe. He places the snowglobe in the center of a Rambaldi symbol, and it begins to spin and emanate light. Syd and others arrive in Mongolia, with a lot of shooting.

Syd heads into the building. Sloane wants the sphere back, but Syd wants one good reason why she should give it to him.

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Sark gives her two—Jack and Vaughn, both in his custody. Meanwhile, Rachel and Marshall notice someone has been trying to disable their defense satellites—someone in Hong Kong.

He got it from a partner. Sloane tells Syd if she hands him the sphere, she can walk out of there. When she refuses, saying they options portfolio optimization all leave the building and then discuss it, he tells Sydney to remember it was her choice, then shoots Jack in the chest several times.

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Flashback to Syd giving her dad an envelope of money to pay him back for some of her college. He looks pleased and excited at first when she tells him she got a job, but his face falls when she explains where: Credit Dauphine.

He tries to get her to quit, insisting that she focus on school. Lots of tension and mistrust. Cut to present day, where their relationship is so full of love, and Vaughn and Syd are pulling injured Jack out of the building. They try to stop the bleeding. Sark has made off with the artifact. When Vaughn finds this out from Dixon, he tells Syd and Jack.

Jack insists she has to go stop her mother. Syd, losing control, tells him she loves him, and draonoptons binary options reviews off in the truck driven by Vaughn. Sark arrives in Hong Kong with the artifact. Sark initiates the countdown. Fifteen minutes to go.

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Syd arrives in Hong Kong. She watches Irina remove the sphere from the case. Through him we can live forever. Is he going to have to sleep in a coffin from now on?

Maybe Buffy can come stake him. But he wants her to understand that the job requires sacrifice, and she needs to be able to live with that. Syd is resolute. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. There are broken mirrors and stabbed legs before they are thrown out of a high window onto the roof.

They lie on their backs looking up at the missiles streaking across the sky. As a matter of fact, Syd brought Vaughn, who attacks Sark and holds him at gunpoint. When Sark refuses to give him the codes for the missiles, Vaughn shoots him. He never wanted to commit mass murder. He just wanted to come out on the winning end. Marshall receives the codes and they manage to stop the missiles.

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More fighting, and Syd lands a kick that puts Irina onto the glass ceiling of the building, just next to the sphere. The glass begins to crack under her weight as she reaches towards the sphere. Sloane offers to help him, knowing Jack is dying, but Jack refuses. He has a different plan.


A plan that will never let Sloane hurt Sydney again. Bye, Jack. I think I might miss you most of all. Syd implores Irina to get off the glass.

She offers Irina her hand, but Irina just keeps reaching out for the sphere. She grasps it just as the glass shatters. Vaughn arrives on the roof and he and Syd cling to each other without words.

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