Long tail keywords traffic monetization (doorways)

How to make money on doorways or traffic

Browser YouTube doorways are alive. In general, doorways can be done on anything: social networks, blog platforms, your domains, etc. I suggest you consider the creation of doorways on youtube. Why youtube? Because it is the fastest growing and not spammed social. Also, visual content, in this case video, perfectly motivates to purchase or to another action.

Choose a niche For myself, I have identified several niches in which to start working: Gambling Essay CPA products There are a lot of high-quality content in gambling topics in the bourgeois, so it is unlikely that the door would come out on our keys. When essay subjects were recorded, several channels with doras were discovered, but they were not made very well.

Here is one such channels.

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Content I spied content on other doras. Everyone saws the usual presentation, I decided to do the same.

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Just thematic pictures and make them slide shows. Even a standard movie maker can handle it. Also in the future, the affiliate program provided its thematic video about the benefits of essay ordering from them. Video design We put the midrange key in the header. In the description we first write the description of the service on which you pour traffic.

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Then a column of keys. It looked something like this: Studybay is an academic writing service for students: essays, term papers, dissertations and much more! How to upload video? Naturally need software, I did it with Zennoposter. But any other emulating action will go. Over the uniqueness of the video I do not advise you to bother much. At the moment, YouTube also misses the same vidos.

On average, how to make money on doorways or traffic video gains views, in rare cases Here it is necessary to take in bulk. Many accounts, each with several videos. In general, accounts do not ban for a long time. The example, which was thrown off above, has been living for more than a year.

What is doorway?

Traffic poured on the Studybay affiliate program. When split on doorway traffic showed the best envelope. In one of the previous posts, I already wrote that I am taking part as a listener. Now I decided to publish a "lecture notes". This is very convenient, as shown at the time practice when working in other topics: The marathon was 3 webinars that you can watch in the community link above. Every day, the speaker revealed a certain topic and talked with the audience. Speaking of the speaker.

Conducts courses and online training. I first contacted Eldar, clarified whether he would be opposed if I post the webinar materials in text form on my blog. He gave the go-ahead. You can order a personal consultation, audit or turnkey comprehensive promotion of the YouTube channel from him the minute of advertising is over. I make everything in the form of a guest post. Hamsters, parrots and other pets have their own channels. But at the same time, even "there" do not fully understand the full power of this service.

Now YouTube has more than 1 how to make money on doorways or traffic users - this is almost a third of the entire Internet. So, if you have a business, if you have something to sell, you are an expert in some business - you must have a channel on YouTube.

Every year, the threshold for entering YouTube is growing. Audience requirements are increasing, there are fewer trading binary options on volumes niches.

This is in you could shoot on a regular webcam video from the series "How to grow grapes at home" and receive tens of thousands of views. Now we need a beautiful picture, high-quality sound, interesting content. Just shoot interesting videos! Such a phrase can be heard from many video bloggers in an interview.

YouTube doorways are alive. Creating Doorways on YouTube with POST GET and PHOTODEX

Like, the secret to success is simple: you shoot interesting videos, you become popular. But if it is so simple, why in our country are there so few people who earn decent money in this niche? Let's figure out what the complexity really is. There are a huge number of channels on YouTube that have thousands of videos and even not havesubscribers. In less than six months, Yuri became a millionaire blogger. This is a young guy, an interviewer, cool revealing people as personalities.

He used to work on Match TV, the Russian federal sports channel, and interviewed many famous people. During his work there, Yuri gained invaluable experience, learned to see the essence of man and, accordingly, to ask provocative questions to reveal the guest. Naturally, for this you need to have a certain journalistic talent. However, he did not invite anyone for the first issue. The first guest was the extremely popular Russian rapper Basta.

That is, these are people whom millions know. Yuri initially agreed with VK's rap publics, which have a millionth audience, to post his exclusive interview, where, among other things, there is information about Basta's income.

Many posted joyfully and for free, not to mention advertising posts. Viewers received high-quality sound, shooting from three cameras, sharp questions, revealing an idol in a new light. Heaps of reposts, likes, comments. Naturally, people began to subscribe. How did he persuade such people to come to his show?

Doorway page

For this, Yuri just took advantage of his connections, which he had acquired while working on Match TV. You do not need to be Dudu for successful earnings on YouTube, but you must understand its concept. Correct concept Users crave content. Everyone is very interested to see the new release.

Views, comments and reposts on social networks are very fast.

We create passive income on VKontakte doorways. How to make money on Vkontakte doorways

High audience loyalty. With a small core audience those who constantly watch your videosthe content quickly begins to attract new subscribers. Other examples of channels with the right concept Below are 4 examples of channels that spun with virtually no budget a couple of hundred dollars. All of them are young, lively and relevant for the period of the summer of Emotional Italians On this channel, Italians "study Russian culture. The channel currently has 22 videos,subscribers and 25, views.

People from Russia are always interested to see how foreigners react to our things: the Russian bathhouse, Russian dishes, etc. Each video has a theme around which the plot is built. We take several Italians of different sex, age, psychotype and make them eat Russian dried and drink tea from a samovar. We get unique, interesting content with high dynamics, which publicly devoted to Italy are happy to take away.

The guy makes music videos of short duration with viral melodies based on videos of popular personalities on YouTube. Like "Enjoykin. Plus, again, the fan publics of each of the idols. Short minute roll options, consisting of a slide show and an off-screen voice of the author, covering the latest news from the world of martial arts. People have long been lazy in the region, no one wants to look for some sites, go to the news sections, read a boring text.

Ladders Doorways vkontakte. Create passive income on doorways vkontakte doorways vkontakte If you came to this page, then you are wondering how to create passive income on VKontakte doorways.

Here, too, traffic is attracted, thanks to a large fan base of fights without rules and separately taken famous fighters, whose names are indicated in the headers.

Issues of nutrition, self-development, sports and the like. A person talks interestingly in a short period of time some important thing for a wide audience. For example: how to sleep less and get enough sleep or how to get rid of experiences. All information from the Internet.

General points Short video duration minutes. How to make money on doorways or traffic benefit for the viewer benefit or emotion. A fairly broad topic. Free promotion Paid promotion Buying ads from not-so-popular YouTube bloggers from 30, tosubscribers.

Integration in content, like.

Miroslava GameBet "I work with adult traffic, but recently my income has started to drop, so I decided to try other niches. After considering a dozen affiliate programs, I decided to try Edu-cash. So I set up doorways and redirected traffic there for about a month.

Buying ads from. Bloggers exchange on Instagram. Adwords targeted ads for Youtube. At the same time, the ratio of commercial to normal views is 1: 5 largely due to the popularity of ad blockers. VSP Yoola. It all depends on the degree of promotion of the channel. Perezaliv alien videos. We follow the trends. Download videos that are gaining popularity. We reload on your channel, changing the title and description.

We grab a piece of traffic. We earn on affiliate programs. Now this topic is almost dead.

Doorways vkontakte. Create passive income on doorways vkontakte doorways vkontakte

You can look towards Japan. Sale of goods withAliexpress or any other online store. In the description for the video, insertePN, etc. The channel in the screenshot above SUPER Bear brought its owner in an average ofrubles per month, in -rubles per month. The guy originally invested 0 rubles in advertising. We create a channel for a specific business or niche, we untwist it.

We are writing to companies from this niche. We agree on key indicators for example, a minimum of clicks from each video or 10, views. At the beginning of each video we insert an ad unit. Now advertisers in many areas are sorely lacking quality YouTube bloggers. At this stage in the development of society, Internet technology allows you to earn even more money in your home than in real life.

Thanks to the Internet, you can produce your own resources, register them on hosting, promote them, and thus get a good income. There are such web pages that are created specifically for requests from Google, Yandex, and others, in order to get into the ranking places when issuing a user's search query. These resources are called doorways.

In most cases, a user who has passed through the doorway will automatically go to the affiliate resource and get to the site you need. Doorways are made with the aim of adding free users to affiliate programs.

What are youtube doorways for? The characteristic includes an Internet footnote to a resource that includes traffic.

Long tail keywords traffic monetization (doorways)

A significant advantage of these doorways is that they do not need to be preliminarily promoted in search engines, they themselves occupy rating positions, thanks to the YouTube trust, and the features of showing the videos. First you need to upload the video to youtube video hosting with specific key requirements. Then you order the necessary number of accounts on a special service, and after receiving them, select an affiliate program.

After the tasks done, you select key phrases. Now there is a need for the video itself.