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We work with a Petainer Trading LLC of industries, such as Petainer Trading LLC, cider, wine, cold brew coffee, kombucha and many more to supply a range of one-way keg products used to serve beverages on tap.

Petainer kegs are a high quality alternative to steel kegs, helping brands to disrupt draught beverage delivery and provide consumers with greater choice and variety. They are an efficient and sustainable way to expand into new markets, while lowering operational and labour costs.

The one-way Hybrid keg offers universal filling, excellent handling, safety and sustainability benefits. The launch of Hybrid marks another step in our growth plans as we continue to invest and innovate to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our customers across all of our key markets around the world. In addition, only minimal investment or adjustments to filling lines are required because the keg has been designed to be filled using existing equipment, whether it is manually or on semi and fully automatic lines.

Petainer kegs keep your beverage fresher for longer, helping brands to increase sales and reduce waste. Our Hybrid and Classic kegs are compatible with draught beer systems and provide superior product protection and economic benefits.

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Our kegs can be dispensed at all occasions, from special events, festivals, mobile bars to commercial draught beer systems. Our technical experience in filling and dispense is valued by many brands globally.

Find out how we can help you grow your business and reduce your carbon footprint.

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We work with beverage customers in the non-alcoholic and alcoholic categories which include carbonated beverages, water products, juices, beer, cider, wine and spirits. Preforms and Bottles can be customised and tailored to maintain carbonation and extend shelf life, and provide other benefits relevant to your product needs.

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Refillable PET Bottles are a low cost, full recyclable alternative to Refillable glass bottles and are typically refilled times over their lifespan. We help brands to reduce carbon emissions, minimise usage of virgin PET resin and deliver cost-effective packaging performance through optimal design.

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Food Products Petainer brings all the benefits of high-performance PET containers to the food market. Barrier technologies provide food safety, ensuring product freshness and great taste to products sensitive to oxygen and UV light.

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We manufacture Preforms and Bottles for condiments such as ketchup, mayonnaise, jam and more. We manufacture a wide range of stock and custom-made jars for sports nutrition powders, vitamins, supplements, confectionery and other food products.

PET has good water and vapour barrier properties and our designs provide superior on presence as well as improved logistical performance — PET being a much safer and lighter alternative to glass.

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We manufacture packaging for dishwasher detergents and laundry care products that typically require durable packaging with functional features for ease of use. PET can be designed to catch the consumers eye on the retail shelf with different colours, shapes and sizes. PET products are a much safer and lighter alternative to glass.

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This new product developed in partnership with Petainer is another positive step in increasing the use of recycled content and working with suppliers with strong environmental credentials.