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How to gain a position in trading correctly

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Portfolio management How to gain a position in trading correctly my opinion, most portfolios should consist of less than 40 open positions at any time; for most individuals a stock portfolio of less than 20 is sufficient and holdings is likely as much as one individual can effectively manage.

Consider employing and utilizing some of these portfolio management techniques. In my opinion, no one position should maintain such a large percentage that it determines the future of the portfolio.

Consider investing across multiple sectors and generally no one sector should compose too much of the overall portfolio.

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Finding proper entry points, trading around core positions, and having a sell discipline can be crucial to increasing the returns of the portfolio.

Remaining disciplined, unemotional, and mitigating risk are some of the keys to investment success.

Maintaining an unbiased and unemotional stock selection process and consistent portfolio management practices can help with achieving success. Most importantly, the ability to avoid bad behavior can be the difference between success and failure in the long run.

Any one of the 7 deadly investing sins in Figure 2 can be the ruin of an investment portfolio. Figure 2: Bad behavior - The 7 deadly sins to avoid Averaging down into losing positions Over-concentration in too few positions Investing in illiquid positions Falling in love with a stock, position, or a management team Excessive use of margin Hubris Finding entry points Through the use of charts I believe you can initiate and trade positions at more timely entry and exit points. Entering even your best ideas when they are clearly overbought can be painful and expensive.

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  2. By Cory Mitchell Updated Apr 30, Pyramiding involves adding to profitable positions to take advantage of an instrument that is performing well.
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Trading around core positions In my opinion, even "buy and monitor" can be improved by using a tier system. When your top stock positions are oversold you want to be in a full position, when they are extended in the short term you can reduce your holdings to a two-thirds or even one-third position.

Sell discipline You may want to consider only investing in your top 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 ideas, whatever your comfort level is. This can also be the basis of your sell discipline.

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When factors become less favorable a natural selection process may lead you to sell a position long before a stop loss is reached and redeploy capital in another more attractive opportunity. However, a rapid increase in a stock price does not necessarily suggest a stock should be sold.

Sometimes a major move gets underway and you might want to exploit those opportunities.

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Just a few of these per year can often have a significant impact on the performance of your entire portfolio. Selling too soon can be almost as detrimental to long-term returns as money-losing trades. This is why it can be important to harvest gains and then set trailing stop losses. Locking-in profits In my opinion, one of the simplest, oldest methods, and most effective ways to help lock in profits and let your winners ride, especially with lower-priced, smaller-cap stocks, is to sell half on a double.

This way you take your initial investment off the table and you let your winnings ride. Or you can use a slightly more conservative approach. In order to keep it simple and since it is different for everyone commissions, fees and taxes are not considered in the following example.

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I think it is also prudent to use one or more outside services to rate your stocks. When those services show red flags you may want to consider tightening up stop losses for those holdings and becoming even more diligent monitoring them.

Stop losses I do not want to get whipsawed out of a position because of small and expected pullbacks that can occur in the stock market from time to time.

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However, limiting large losses can be key to overall long term performance. Here are two levels of stop losses I find effective. This can be prevented by proper position size and not engaging in any bad behavior as mentioned above.

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I do not. Stocks fluctuate.

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This helps prevent getting whipsawed. On the chart of the tech stock shown in Figure 3 I have notated four actions that could have been taken from to Commissions, fees and taxes are not considered in this example.

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Let's say you decide to buy this stock when a major new product is released in June But by taking profits on the way up you had nearly the same gain with reduced your risk. Figure 3. Next steps to consider.

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