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Large options


    Using our platform, firms can digest their position, reference, and OCC data to implement tailored quality control and reporting solutions to the regulator.

    large options

    Functional Overview Perform comprehensive validation of data going into LOPR reports daily Perform independent position computations and exposure threshold calculations Review and identify issues for each LOPR submission for both position and in-concert reports Reconcile and validate outgoing LOPR submissions against position data for large options detection Perform supervisory pre-submission review Perform post-submission reconciliation and validation Generate LOPR large options to be sent to the OCC Detect issues with reference data Detect issues with in-concert grouping Algorithmically generate in-concert groups Track positions and identify position limit breaches Using the software provides a fully transparent LOPR process where inputs and underlying computations are available isible to users.

    This compares with most solutions which are black boxes and difficult to monitor or manage on an ongoing basis. Request More Info.

    large options