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The Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Myanmar factories blame reduced orders and Covid, but local unions say members and activists have been disproportionately targeted by the layoffs.

The factories are all direct suppliers to the brands, the report says. Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, brands have been in the spotlight for order cancellationslate payments and layoffs to their suppliers.

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Now NGOs and unions fear the pandemic is being used to reduce unionised workforces. Consumers are increasingly demanding companies take responsibility but campaigners say labour exploitation is common and brands are still failing to conduct due diligence and engage with their entire supply chain. Members of the Sommilito garments Sramik Federation, a worker's club based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, protest against the retrenchment and forced resignations of workers and firing of pregnant women caused by factory closures during 60 seconds on binary options Covid pandemic.

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Sros, an employer of Superl Cambodia, was arrested after posting on Facebook about the factory intention of dismissing 88 workers. According to the report, Sros, who has now been released, spent 55 days in jail and is facing up to three years in prison, as well as a fine.

Tapestry says Superl reported the worker was released on bail on 28 May; charges were dismissed on 3 June; and that Sros resumed work at Superl Cambodia on 15 June after the local labour union CUMWthe worker and Superl Cambodia reached a mutual agreement.

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The report says that Myan Mode, which is linked to Inditex and Mango, after dismissing workers including all members of the factory union, reinstated 75 affected workers and agreed to recall hundreds more once operations return to normal. In the case of Rui-Ning, linked to Inditex, Mango and Bestseller, all union members that were laid off, out of a total of dismissals, were reinstated.

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In both cases, brands engaged with local unions or engaged in mediatory discussions with the factory. Inditex confirmed it engaged with owners and workers to drive dialogue towards a resolution in the case.

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A Primark spokesperson told Vogue How much to earn on the internet superl a that the company also was in direct contact with the union during its investigation into code violation allegations at the Huabo Times factory, which the report said dismissed 28 unionised workers.

Primark says the factory and the union have reached an agreement, which includes the reinstatement of the workers and compensation in full for lost earnings. Read More By Annachiara Biondi Despite some positive outcomes, Narayanasamy says meaningful engagement and mediation remain an exception, while widespread policies and commitments to freedom of association and collective bargaining are rarely actively implemented.

Brands also often defer to local laws, as opposed to higher, internationally recognised labour right standards, and engage with suppliers more than unions.

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