Just Floored! 15 Totally Unexpected DIY Flooring Alternatives

Floor options. Belts Beneath Your Feet

Getting the scoop on the latest flooring trends will help you start your project the floor options way.

floor options

Top Flooring Trends in Explore the trendiest flooring options this year! Vinyl Flooring in As technology advances, vinyl flooring gets closer and closer to natural wood and stone looks.

These days, there are lots of different flooring options, including several that are very affordable. So before you get started on your flooring project, it pays to do a little research on the different kinds of flooring and learn about their costs and benefits. Then, you can find a floor that fits both your space and your budget.

Decorative patterns are gaining in popularity as well. Even better, all this beauty comes with no extra work.

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  • Cork floors are a great option because they are durable and easy to maintain, they can even be resurfaced and restored a few times.
  • Carpeting[ edit ] Carpet is a soft floor covering made of bound carpet fibers or stapled fibers.

Vinyl sheets : For an affordable, DIY-friendly vinyl floor, nothing beats vinyl sheets. They also feature top-notch decorative patterns.

floor options

Wood-look vinyl planks : The classic wood look is even more realistic, with embossed textures and high-end visuals. Stone-look vinyl tiles : Get the look of gorgeous natural stone, including marble, limestone, travertine, and more.

floor options

Decorative vinyl flooring : Trendy decorative patterns like stained glass, trellis, and geometric designs are becoming more popular. Will the vinyl flooring trend last in and beyond?

floor options

Without a doubt! Vinyl flooring is durable, warm, resilient, and stylish.

Basement Floor Options to Prevent Moisture

This is the go-to flooring option for many people, and it will remain that way for decades to come.