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Option chain analysis using StockEdge Understanding Open Interest with respect to Volume Open Interest is a statistic unique parameter while trading in futures and options market.

The forecast must predict that the stock price will not fall below the break-even point before expiration.

Open Interest is the total number of contracts which is presently in existence and is not offset by the closing of trades. Open Interest is different than volume.

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Volume is the number of contracts traded per day. The volume is increased by one and open interest would also increase by one. Since you are closing positions, open interest goes down where as the volume increases by one.

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How to analyze open interest data? Open Interest is important for both stock futures traders as well as option traders. Open Interest shows up where the traders are putting their money in.

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Therefore analyzing and creating open interest strategy is very important. Due to the inherent time decay of premium of options, there are generally large numbers of option sellers in the market. For option sellers, the profit is max the premium value of the option sold, while loss possibility is unlimited. Hence these option sellers are generally very nimble-footed and agile to square off their positions in case of any adverse movement.

If there is high build up in the open interest in any particular strike price of calls and puts of a stock, that means market participants see those levels as potential support or resistance zones, depending on the option being call or put. We need to examine at which price the maximum open interest is build up and whether in the call or in the put.

How to use Open Interest Strategy to increase profitability?

We can get the option chain data of any particular stock from the NSE website. In the example, the stock price was The stock was already open options strategy an uptrend as we can see from the below chart below.

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From this data table we can see that the maximum open interest is build in the call at Rs. Therefore there are possibilities that if Adani goes tocall sellers might want to defend their position by creating more resistance around levels.

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On the other hand, if price breaches the level, the short covering of call writers can push the stock even higher. Let us see, open options strategy happened next.

Learn from Experts : Online Interest Rate Derivatives As we can see after breaching the mark, the stock temporarily took support around and eventually moved fast in an upward direction.

Updated Jun 22, Four Basic Options Trades While there are many exotic-sounding variations, there are ultimately only four basic ways to trade in the options market. You can either buy or sell call options, or buy or sell put options.

Two days later we can see, call open interest at has gone down due to short covering, while there has been huge put addition in strike making it a near term support. Also, we can notice that now Adani has huge call build-up open options strategy and a strike price.

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In the example the stock price was Rs. This stock is broadly a range bound stock as we can see from the chart below.

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From this data table we can see that the maximum open interest in Put side is build in the put at Rs. Therefore there are possibilities that if Axis Bank goes down toput writers might want to defend their position by creating more support around levels. Similarly, we can see very large amount of open interest build-up in and calls.

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Hence there is a possibility that the stock may remain broadly range-bound in the range. Let us see what happened next We can see 4 days later that the stock still remained in the range, as could be predicted from OI data analysis.

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If we look at the open interest data after 4 days we can see that OI remained more or less same in puts and and calls. Suppose we want to find option chain data of Adani Enterprises in the StockEdge.

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We can go to the stock sections and in the search panel write the name of the stock, say Adani Enterprises. Then in the option chain tab we will get the call data of the present month expiry.

Why Open Interest and Trading Volume Matter to Options Traders

Here in one glance only we can see that maximum open interest strategy is build up at Rs. We can also the put data of open interest of the present month. Here the maximum open interest is build up at Rs but is less than open interest build up Rs.

So we can expect an uptrend by analyzing this. Stockedge can provide you all the relevant details for better analysis Bottom Line Traders usually give more importance to technical and fundamental analysis and they ignore the open interest analysis which can increase their profitability while trading in the futures market. Volume and open interest are both important aspects which they should equally consider, especially when they look at very short term supports and resistances.

This should add an extra edge to their analysis and increase their profitability.

By Emily Norris Updated Apr 13, Price movements in the options market are a reflection of decisions to buy or sell options made by millions of traders. But the price isn't the only number that a successful options trader keeps an eye on. Daily trading volume and open interest are two additional key numbers to watch when trading options. Understanding these two numbers can help you make better-informed investment decisions. Daily Trading Volume Trading volume is the number of shares or contracts traded in a given period.