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Now 22, Stephani joined the Espirit team nine years ago and within 12 months was selected to the national squad. You have to be better competing for the UK.

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But, according to Stephani, this is a good thing for rhythmic gymnastics when compared to the UK. I think I have more to give.

Ten little girls, with names such as Irina and Marina, were leaping and tumbling across a huge mat, tossing ropes and hoops and ribbons 30 feet up to the rafters, trying to catch them on the fly. All the girls, all the ribbons, all the hoops--all at the same time. She stopped and stared at the ground. Advertisement Coach Alla Svirsky, sitting atop bleachers stacked against the wall, hit the stop button on the cassette recorder and let out a sigh.

You can do it for as long as someone is supporting you. All the international competitions are self-funded so the parents have bytecoin prospects pay for everything.


In what she described as her proudest achievement, she overcame a foot injury in to win the British Championships. But when asked about what truly motivates her, it was something altogether more altruistic.

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This is vastly different in Russia, where control is much more centralised, with former head coach of the British team Irina Viner overseeing every aspect of Russian rhythmic gymnastics. Despite moving to England to train when she was 13, Stephani continued to study and occasionally train in Russia. During a visit, she witnessed the doping scandal materialise among the track and field athletes.

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They all got really nervous, but it was okay. But she remains committed to being a force for change and good within the sport. Whether as a coach or in a leadership role, she wants to set the example for others to follow.

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