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This is also known as Relative Valuation Method. This method redistribution option easiest to use when there are companies comparable to the one being valued, assets are priced in the market, and there exist some common variable that can be used to standardize the price.

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The valuation ratio typically expresses the valuation as a function of a measure of financial performance or Book Value e. A key benefit of Comparable Company Market Multiple analysis is that the methodology is based on the current market stock price. The current stock price is generally viewed as one of the best valuation metrics because markets are considered somewhat efficient.

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The difficulty here is in the selection of a comparable company since it is rare to find two or more companies with the same product portfolio, size, capital structure, business strategy, profitability and accounting practices. Whereas no publicly traded company provides an identical match to the operations of a given company, important information can be drawn from the way similar enterprises are valued by public markets. Adjustments are made to the derived multiples on account of dissimilarities with the comparable companies and strengths, weakness and other factors peculiar to the company being valued.

Incremental revenue or profit for example, price premium "With and without" analysis Greenfield method 1. In cases when there is an identifiable stream of prospective cash flows for a collection of assets, a multiperiod excess earnings method may provide a reasonable indication of the value of a specific asset. Contributory asset charges, also referred to as economic rents, are then commonly deducted from the net or after-tax cash flows for the collection of the associated assets to isolate remaining or "excess earnings" attributable solely to the intangible asset being valued. The contributory asset charge is a deduction for the contribution of supporting assets for example, net working capital, fixed assets, customer relationships, fn 7 trade names, and so on to the generation of the prospective cash flows.

Comparable Transaction Multiples Method CTM With this technique of valuing a company for a merger or acquisition, the transactions that have taken place in the industry which are similar to the transaction under consideration are taken into account.

With the transaction multiple method, similar acquisitions or divestitures are identified, and the multiples implied by their purchase prices are used to assess the subject company's value. The greatest impediment in finding truly comparable transactions is the absence of available information on private transactions.

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In addition to the lack of information on the sales of private companies, the available information in public transactions may be outdated. There is no rule of thumb for the appropriate age of a comparable transaction, although one should be aware of the option method income approach market at the time of the transaction and factor any changes in the marketplace environment into the analysis.

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The more recent the transaction, the better this technique, with all other things being equal. Market Value Method For Quoted Securities The Market Value method is generally the most preferred method in case of frequently traded Equity Shares of Companies listed on Stock Exchanges make money new year nationwide option method income approach as it is perceived that the market value of listed equity shares over an appropriate period of time takes into account the true potential of any Company.

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