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How to trade with the trend on pullbacks

how to trade with the trend on pullbacks

Conservative vs aggressive entry What is pullback and psychology behind pullback? A pullback is a price movement that moves in against the trend. It is a temporary price movement before it resumes back into the main market direction. Pullbacks are sometimes referred to as price Correction or retracement.

Pullbacks happen all the time and if you learn how to trade pullbacks, you can enhance your repertoire and find many more high probability trading scenarios. Pullbacks come in many different forms and in this article, I explain the five most common ones.

Pullback occurs when price moves at least one bar against the opposite direction of the trend. The hope of comparison to find top or bottom on find weakness in price move by the novice.


If the pullback is sluggish contra trader will lose hope while bullish traders will regain confidence. If he pullback down is strong and signals bearish conviction, the bar will get more aggressive and the bulls will start to doubt their position The benefits of pullback trading There are several benefits to trading pullbacks.

Instead, you can look to trade the breakout, or find an entry on the lower timeframe.

how to trade with the trend on pullbacks

You can expect a pullback towards the SR level. In time correction the stock moves in horizontal, low volatility trendless manner.

Pullbacks in a strong trend – one of the most profitable trades

Generally, a strong trend has time correction. What happening here is as follows?

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Once bulls confident that the bears will fail to reverse the trend, bulls buy again with tighter stop loss The diagram above shows a time correction pullback example.

You can expect pullback towards the SR level The above diagram shows that the bears are usually trying to show their dominants, but not realizing that the bulls are still strong, the bulls usually come back into the market just before the bears managed to build confidence Complex Pullbacks Complex pullbacks happen when price steps into a consolidating phase in the form of any pattern.

It then remains consolidated for a while before it resumes into the trend No one really knows how long it remains consolidated before it moves again.

how to trade with the trend on pullbacks