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Trend signals for trading

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The tool Trend signals shows stocks that have recently entered a rising or trading strategy of experienced traders trend. The list can be used to identify buy candidates.

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  • By Cory Mitchell Updated Oct 30, Trend traders attempt to isolate and extract profit from trends.
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A very simple strategy is buying stocks that recently triggered a trend signal and keeping them until they exit the rising trend. Investtech has conducted reasearch on price development following trend signals.

We have developed statistics for the Norwegian and Swedish stock exchanges and assume that the results will hold true for other exchanges as well.

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The statistics show that stocks in rising trends do better than the exchange average both short and long term, whereas stocks in falling trends do worse. Thus analysis of trends and trading based on trend signals are important parts of technical analysis.

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Table explanation Days in trend: Number of days the stock has been in the trend drawn in the chart. Rising rate degrees : Visual rising rate of the trend channel in the chart.

From 0 horizontal to 90 degrees vertical.

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Rising rate pct. Note that a stock can enter a rising trend in two ways: 1 The trend in the chart changes, for example from an old falling trend to a new rising trend. Good statistical basis A research report from Investtech dated May shows that a stock tends to follow the trend it is in.

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Thus if the stock is in a rising trend, it will continue to rise. If it is in a falling trend, it trend signals for trading continue to fall.

This can be partly explained by the fact that news tend to come in series.

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A positive piece of news is usually followed by more positive news. The market grasps the first positive news, but not the probability of more positive news to follow. Consequently it can pay off to buy stocks that show positive development, anticipating that the trend will continue. Investtech has developed computer systems that automatically identify rising and falling trends.

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In the period to28, buy signals from stocks entering rising trends were identified, along with 16, sell signals from stocks entering falling trends. In comparison the benchmark indices on average rose by 3.

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Stocks withTrend signals.