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How to make money on cakes at home,

Where do you go looking for recipes? People are also interested in trying recipes from a chef or baker they follow on social media. After I decided to take Chelsweets full-timeI spent months learning how to optimize my blog and updating old posts to get chelsweets.

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Blogging is super time consuming. I had a hard time dedicating time to my blog when I was still working full-time.

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At that time, I had to dedicate all my remaining energy into baking, content-creation and video editing. I love blogging, because I have control over it. Different Traffic Sources My blog traffic comes from three main sources.

I also work hard to create and share engaging videos that make people want to head to my blog. Luckily there are companies that offer full-service ad management, and help you make a lot more.

Some of the top ad management companies are Mediavine, Adthrive, and Ezoic. You have to apply to be a part of these networks, and there are traffic thresholds you have to pass before you will be accepted.

  • How to Start a Baking Business from Your Home
  • But there are a few cons to running a home-based baking business that you'll need to consider before baking your first batch of goodies.
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They are amazing to work with, and super responsive. They also have loads of resources from in-depth blog posts to their podcast, Theory of Contentwhich have taught most of what I know.

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Affiliate Links Affiliate links are another way I make money. Frosting a cake with a large offset spatula, using my favorite spinning cake stand.

How to Start a Baking Business from Your Home

It encourages me to link the products that I actually use in my blog posts, which can be very helpful for my readers. Private Cake Lessons Private cake lessons are a relatively new revenue stream of mine. I started teaching private cake lessons this year once I quit my day job. The one-on-one setting in my kitchen makes a world of a difference, and I can really how to make money on cakes at home people improve their cake decorating skills. I also get the chance to demonstrate different techniques that people want to learn.

My first private cake lesson with Melissa Diamond of legacycakery Teaching private lessons is another revenue stream that I have control over.

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I can pick how many lessons I teach a month, and determine what days of the week I teach. This flexibility is incredibly refreshing, and great since my schedule is different every month.

I also teach larger groups at the Institute of Culinary Education every couple months.

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  • Twitter Pinterest If you want to start a cake business, here are tips you must know to start selling cakes from home.
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Someone approached me about doing a corporate event, and a light bulb went off in my head. Corporate events are a great way to scale. Hosting a corporate cupcake event with Facebook earlier this year. I usually do one corporate event a month, but I am really at the mercy of companies reaching out to me.

Tips You Must Know To Start Selling Cakes from Home

However, you need to jump through a couple hoops before you can place ads in your videos. You can monetize a YouTube channel once you have 1, subscribers and 4, hours of watch time within the past 12 months. On Facebook, you can monetize videos once you have 10, followers and 30, one-minute views on videos that are at least 3 minutes long in the last 60 days.

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I make long-form videos for YouTube and Facebook, which are in-depth tutorials. My most popular video this year was an in-depth tutorial on making a wedding cake at home.

Affiliate Links

They range in length from three to twelve minutes long. However, some of my videos have gone viral, and they continue to generate solid revenue.

While you never know how well a video will perform, if you continue create good quality videos, the views should follow suit. Money adds up the more videos you share.

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Once you have a solid library of videos, you will start to see consistent returns. Paid Partnerships To keep myself sane, I really try to focus on revenue streams I control.

However, sometimes I get approached for paid partnerships. These are agreements with companies to create content and share it across your social channels. Usually paid partnerships are centered around raising awareness for a brand or product, or how to make money on cakes at home drive sales.

It might sound a little lazy but I prefer to wait for brands to reach out to me. When a brand reaches out, it means they have budget for an activation, they know and respect your work, and want to partner with you. Agents can help you get better terms, build long-term relationships with brands, and in some cases they can get you more money.

I am still independent at this point, and negotiate all of my partnerships and contracts.

You can find your nearest car boot sale on Carbootjunction.

In my last job, I worked in corporate finance in the digital department of a PR agency. As part of my job, I reviewed influencer contracts from a financial perspective. I feel very comfortable reviewing and negotiating my own deals because of this experience.

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Digital Content Contributor My final source of revenue comes from creating content for media companies. I bake and decorate exciting cakes, and film the process in my kitchen.

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The deliverable is simply the footage. These monthly deliverables are fun and challenging, and help push me out of my comfort zone. It is by no means traditional, or consistent. I embrace the busy months, and focus on content creation and strategy when things are quieter.