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If you like this topic, please consider buying the entire e-book. Problem: I have monthly historical sales data.

Line of Best Fit (Least Square Method)

I want to predict future sales by month. Strategy: You can use the least-squares method to fit the sales data to a trendline. Forecast future data.

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In this case, the value for b would be 10, and the value for m would be This is just my wild guess; Excel can calculate the number exactly. Instead of returning one number, it actually returns two or more numbers as the result. Entering the formula the wrong way returns a single answer of The first time you do this, you might wonder how the number It turns out that Excel really wants to return two numbers from the function.

Here's the trick: Select two cells that are side by side. Type the function in the first cell.

How can I create a linear trendline in a line chart?

Excel returns both the slope and the y-intercept. The results appear in 2 cells.

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Add a Prediction column. In column D, enter a formula to calculate the predicted sales trendline.

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The formula is the intercept in F2 plus the slope in E2 times this row's month number. You will now be able to graph columns B:D to show how well the prediction matches the historical actuals. Additional Details: When the data along one axis of your data contains dates, it is best to delete the heading in the upper-left corner of your data set before creating the chart.

Excel Basics - Linear Regression - Finding Slope \u0026 Y Intercept

As shown below, the resulting chart shows that the predicted trendline comes fairly close to the actuals. Plot actuals vs. If you try to select two cells that are one above the other, you will just get two copies of the slope.

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This is the slope. This is the y-intercept.