What does IQ Option offer?

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Safety of funds and data are essential to a secure trading environment. In the case of IQ Option, reviews about option x are a regulated broker that has a licence to provide investment products in the European Union. In order to obtain this licence, the broker has to meet reviews about option x minimum requirements as it pertains to client funds, trading products and marketing restrictions.

You can read more about CySec regulations on their website. Client Funds Safety In the case of client funds, all of the money has to be kept in a secure segregated account that is off limits for broker business.

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You can think of this as a safe deposit box for all client funds that has to be monitored on a regular basis. This will ensure that IQ Option will always have a certain minimum of funds should the clients all decide to withdraw. This is very important as it ensures that there is liquidity at the exchange in times of market stress.

It allows you to trade a wide variety of popular financial instruments like binary options, stocks, forex, ETFs, commodities, and cryptocurrency.

Moreover, the CySec regulators also have something akin to deposit insurance at the no work how to make money level. This means that should anything ever happen to IQ Option, your deposit is insured up to a certain level by the regulators in Cyprus.

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This means that all trader communication that is sent to IQ option servers is encrypted using AES Bit encryption standards. Why is this important? Well, hackers. SSL Padlock There has been a great deal in the news about the tactics of hackers when it comes to man in the middle attacks and phishing.

Offers a variety of options to trade on

Put simply, an SSL certificates are meant to limit the effectiveness of these attacks and protect the trader. While we are on this point, it is worth mentioning that you should always make sure that you see the green padlock in your browser address bar image right to make sure that you are not visiting a phishing site. This goes for any broker or exchange.

Asset Coverage IQ Option started out as an option platform that offered traditional assets to trade.

These included assets such as stocks, commodities, ETFs and plain vanilla forex. However, they have greatly been increasing their offering of cryptocurrency assets.

In the chart to the right, you can see a list of all the cryptocurrency pairs that are on offer at IQ Option.

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There are over 12 pairs that you can currently trade and they are always adding more. List of cryptocurrency pairs at IQ Option Although these may be just perfect for the normal cryptocurrency trader, there are numerous other assets that remain on the legacy platform of spot that you can dabble in. They are listed below: Forex: For those traditional traders who like trading Fiat Forex, you have a great many options for traditional currency trading on IQ option. There are over currency pairs from you to choose from as well as a range of different crosses between the pairs.

For those crypto traders who are slightly more advanced, you can use the forex pairs in order to set up a crypto trade in your own local currency. You have a selection of over 7, stocks to trade that are on a number of different global exchanges.

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IQ option has some of the most extensive lists of ETF instruments to trade with over 4, to choose from. CFDs are derivative instruments that will pay out the trader based on the difference in price at the beginning and the end of the trading day. CFDs are also levered instruments which means that you can take a much larger position on a trade than you have available. This could amplify your returns provided that you manage your risk in an appropriate manner.

reviews about option x

For example, you have leverage of 10x on Stocks, 20x on Cryptocurrencies and a really punchy x on Forex. It goes without saying that you should trade such instruments very carefully.


Of course, IQ Option is known for their option instruments. These include their Binary Option and digital option offerings.

reviews about option x

These instruments are asymmetric instruments which means that they have a defined loss and profit. With these instruments, you will lay out a premium for the option trade that will usually be a small premium of the asset in question.

You will also have an expiry time and an expiry price. If the option expires in the money then you can make a large return on your investment. If it expires out of the money then you will lose the premium. They accept cards from Visa and Mastercard. For those who would prefer to fund their account through a simple wire option, they also have that option.

IQ Option Review: Complete Beginners Guide

This will usually take a bit longer than a deposit via card but the fees will be lower for larger amounts. This will give you access to the real account explained below.

reviews about option x

Payments that are made via wire can take a bit more 2 days and this depends on where you bank is located. They also claim that you can withdraw instantly with no questions asked.

They state that these can be withdrawn in under 24 hours and that you can process any withdrawal amount that you would like.

Our deposit was a wire payment and took about 1 day to arrive our bank is in the EU. The team at IQ option told us that we still had to verify our account.

reviews about option x

After verification went through, our funds were indeed sent and took a little over a day to hit our account less wiring fees. One thing that the trader has to consider is that they can only withdraw in the same manner through which they funded. Customer Support Customer service is something that is often in short supply among brokers and exchanges.

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This of course makes sense given the immense amount of people who want to invest and the limited number of exchanges where they can do this. Hence, we wanted to test the customer support response times and effectiveness at IQ Option. We did this initially in the verification phase when we were waiting on our documents.

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We sent our docs off and they took about 2 days to verify. During the period we send out a number of support tickets on the platform as well as corresponded with them on email. Response times were about 2 hours on average. Total Customer support reviews about option x over years While these response times are not the best we have encountered, they are definitely below average.

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We also have to take into account that IQ Option has millions of accounts at the moment which is considerably more than all of the other brokers and exchanges on the market now. There also seems to be a dedicated phone number for the team at IQ Option. It gives a slight personal feel to the trading experience. This means that they are legally allowed to take European clients. These clients will also have full protections afforded by CySec.

IQ Option has also spent a great deal of time translating their website and platform.