Pairs Trading Basics: Correlation, Cointegration And Strategy

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The reason is obvious: stocks are subject to a multitude of risk factors — amongst them earning shocks and corporate actions -that can blow up an otherwise profitable binary options strategy ndexstat trade.

Instead of the pair re-converging, they continue to diverge until you are stopped out of the position. There is not much you can do about this, because equities are inherently risky. Some arbitrageurs prefer trading ETF pairs for precisely this reason.

Another factor to consider is that there are many more opportunities to be found amongst the vast number of stock binary options strategy ndexstat than in the much smaller universe of ETFs.

So equities remain the preferred asset class of choice for the great majority of arbitrageurs. So, because of the risk in trading equities, it is vitally important to spread the risk amongst a large number of pairs.

That way, when one of your pairs trades inevitably blows up for one reason or another, the capital allocation is low enough not to cause irreparable damage to the overall portfolio. Nor are you over-reliant on one or two star performers that may cease to contribute if, for example, one of the stock pairs is subject to a merger or takeover. Does that mean that pairs trading is accessible only to managers with deep enough pockets to allocate broadly in the investment universe?

Yes and no. On the one hand, of course, you need sufficient capital to allocate a meaningful sum to each of your pairs. So your capital goes further than in would in a long-only strategy, for example.


How many pair combinations would you need to research to build an investment portfolio of the required size? In the case of the Gemini Pairs strategy, for example, the universe comprises around 10m stock pairs andETF combinations.

It turns out to be much more challenging to find reliable stock pairs to trade than one might imagine, for reasons I am about to discuss. So what tends to discourage investors from exploring pairs trading as an investment strategy is not because the strategy is inherently hard to understand; nor because the methods are unknown; nor because it requires vast amounts of investment capital to be viable.

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It is that the research effort required to build a successful statistical arbitrage strategy is beyond the capability of the great majority of investors. Before you become too discouraged, I will just say that there are at least two solutions to this challenge I can offer, which I will discuss later. Ratio, Regression, Kalman and Copula methods.

Equally, I have seen a great many failed pairs strategies produced by using every available technique.

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There is no silver bullet. One often finds that a pair that perform poorly using the ratio method produces decent returns when a regression or Kalman Filter model is applied. From experience, there is no pattern that allows you to discern which technique, if any, is gong to work.

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You have to be prepared to try all of them, at least in back-test. Correlation is Not the Answer In a typical description of pairs trading the first order of business is often to look for a highly correlated pairs to trade.

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While this makes sense as a starting point, it can never provide a complete answer. The concept of spurious correlation is most easily grasped with an example, for instance: Of course, no rational person believes that there is a causal connection between cheese consumption and death by bedsheet entanglement — binary options strategy ndexstat is a spurious correlation that has arisen due to the random fluctuations in the two time series.

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And because the correlation is spurious, the apparent relationship is likely to break down in future. We can provide a slightly more realistic illustration as follows. Let us suppose we have two correlated stocks, one with annual drift i.

We assume that returns from the two processes follow a Normal distribution, with true correlation of 0. Unlike in the real-world scenario, we can sample the day returns many timesin this experiment and look at the range of correlation estimates we observe: We find that, over therepeated experiments the average correlation estimate is very close indeed to the true correlation.

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However, in the real-world situation we only have a single observation, based on the returns from the two stock processes over the prior 90 days. If we are very lucky, we might happen to pick a period in which the processes correlate at a level close to the true value of 0.

But as the experiment shows, we might be unlucky enough to see an estimate as high as 0.

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So when we look at historical data and use estimates of the correlation coefficient to gauge the strength of the relationship between two stocks, we are at options warrant swaps mercy of random variation in the sampling process, one that could suggest a much stronger or weaker connection than is part- time job how to make money in the case.

One is on firmer ground in selecting pairs of stocks in the same sector, for example oil or gold-mining stocks, because we are able to identify causal factors that should provide a basis for a reliable correlation, such as the price of oil or gold. The bottom line is that correlation, while important, localbitcoins does not enter not by itself a sufficiently reliable measure to provide a basis for pair selection.

Cointegration: the Drunk and His Dog Suppose you see two drunks i. But suppose instead you have a drunk walking with his dog.

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In more technical terms, if we have two non-stationary time series X and Y that become stationary when differenced these are called integrated of order one series, or I 1 series; random walks are one example such that some linear combination of X and Y is stationary aka, I 0then we say that X and Y are cointegrated. The definition of cointegration can be extended to multiple time series, with binary options strategy ndexstat orders of integration.

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Size of police force and amount of criminal activity A book and its movie adaptation: while the book and the movie may differ in small details, the overall plot will remain the same. My thanks to Edwin Chen for this entertaining explanation Cointegration is Not the Answer So a typical workflow for researching possible pairs trade might be to examine a large number of pairs in a sector of interest, select those that meet some correlation threshold e.

The pairs thrown up by this process are likely to work for a while, but many even the majority will break down at some point, typically soon after you begin live trading.

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Corporate actions mergers, takeovers and earnings can blow up one side of an otherwise profitable pair. But this trade expression is challenging to test. If paying the spread on both legs is going to jeopardize the profitability of the strategy, it is probably better to reject the pair. What Works From my experience, the testing phase of the process of building a statistical arbitrage strategy is absolutely critical.

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By this I mean that, after screening for correlation and cointegration, and back-testing all of the possible types of model, it is essential to conduct an extensive simulation test over a period of several weeks before adding a new pair to the production system.

Testing is important for any algorithmic strategy, of course, but it is an integral part of the selection process where pairs trading is concerned. The good good news is that those pairs that pass the final stage of testing usually are successful in a production setting. Implementation Putting all of this information together, it should be apparent that the major challenge in pairs trading lies not so much in understanding and implementing methodologies and techniques, but in implementing the research process on an industrial scale, sufficient to collate and analyze tens of millions of pairs.

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So does this mean that for the average quantitative strategist investors statistical arbitrage must remain an investment concept of purely theoretical interest? Actually, no. For those interested in building stat arb strategies there is an excellent resource that collates all of the data and analysis on tens of millions of stock binary options strategy ndexstat that enables the researcher to identify promising pairs, test their level of cointegration, backtest strategies using different methodologies and even put selected pars strategies into production see example below.

Those interested should contact me for more information.