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There is a reasonably good one in Zemunif you go early morning Zemun is definitely a place to visit to walk the quay and see the splavovi, whilst there first go into Zemun old town itself only yds back from river and check out their market.

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In Old Belgrade in evening as you walk along Knezmihijlova main pedestrian shopping street and enter Kalemegden fortress gardens, at the entrance there are always a few stalls lining the path selling military memorabillia, medals etc. For antiques they are spread around Old Belgrade, if you go to St Save Church famous and recommended there are some antique shops in the street behind.

So you are walking as if from a back entrance and heading towards Kalenic farmers market.

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Interesting area, if a good walker continue in this direction for another 3 bloks and you meet Kralja Aleksandra, this is main street that if you turn left takes you back to Old Belgrade Tasmijdan Park, Parliament. A good walker can do this all on foot taking LLC slavia brand trading reviews couple of hours and stopping off for rests.

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All along Kralja Aleksander are good shops for jewellery. Another place to go, whilst Skadarska is the only part of Belgrade that could be described as 'touristy' it's well worth a visit and a dinner at night.

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And at night there are small stalls in the street that you will enjoy, jewellry, art, bronze, and some military stuff. Finally, if interested in religious art you'll find a good shop at the small church in Kalemegden and you'll pass shops on Kralja Aleks and all over. Sorry I can't help for secific 'flea' market that's good for what you seek but I think I've given you some places you will enjoy browsing.

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The best experience of Belgrade is to walk the back streets and find the suburbs, some are a bit 'rough and ready' but they are ful of soul, great people and shopping opportunities missed by many visitors.

You have also of course got the tourist shops, and some are very good, on Knez Mihijlova there is the Serbian art centre shop, very good stuff and great for souvenirs.

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And of course shops sell Serbian spirits, slivovica and lozovica. You'll have a great time browsing and try local cafanas even if you don't find what you seek. Have fun.

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