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More Secondary Suite Due to new Provincial COVID regulations, any paper copy applications and business licence submissions will be held for a minimum 4 days before being accepted.

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This will result in a delay of processing your application. If you have any question, please call Adding a secondary suite to your home can help with housing costs and adds affordable housing options to your neighbourhood. We can help you get the right permits in place for your secondary suite to ensure it is safe and meets the Land Use Bylaw.

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Can I put a secondary suite in my home? You can put a secondary suite in your home if you own a single family home. You will also have to provide additional parking and other requirements under the Land Use Bylaw and the Alberta Building Code.

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Call us at and we can help determine if forts option codes secondary suite is an option for your property. What permits do I need for a secondary suite?

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All secondary suites need a development permit and building permit. You may also need electrical, plumbing or gas permits if you are doing any wiring, or adding or moving any plumbing and gas fixtures.

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As part of your application you will need to submit: Application forms Floor plan showing walls, room sizes, room descriptions, window sizes and locations, doorways, etc.

By email to: fortplanning fortsask.

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Permit costs depend on the floor area. A basement development is for your personal use only. You can visit our Finishing Your Basement page for more information.

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A secondary suite is usually rented out and has its own living and cooking areas. They have more strict requirements under the Alberta Building Code.

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