A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Douching

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A good wash in the bath or shower should take care of any stragglers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Anal Douching

That said, worrying about poop making an appearance can really suck the enjoyment out of sex. What can you use? Good question. We do know that the body has a delicate balance of electrolytes that help keep it functioning properly.

This means that using ingredients that are the least likely to throw off this balance is key. Water is fine for occasional use. Saline enema solution has also been shown to be well tolerated. Shower enemas A shower enema involves a hose attachment that you install on your shower.

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Burning your insides is a definite possibility. Just holding it to the opening will still give you a good clean. Shop for shower enemas online.

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Enema bulbs Douche bulb — not just what you making money online is real an unsavory person. You can fill it with water or another safe solution like saline.

Most sex toy retailers sell enema bulbs. Just note that the nozzles are often made of hard plastic, which can be uncomfortable.

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One with a flexible tip is a bit more bum-friendly. Shop for flexible enema bulbs online. Fleet enemas This is one of your make money on the Internet on dohce choices for anal douching.

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You can buy Fleet enemas online or in the drugstore. Shop for Fleet enemas online.

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Enema bags Enema bags are similar to hot water bottles that you might use to warm your tootsies on a cold night. The bags are typically sold as part of an enema kit with tube and nozzle attachments. You fill the bag with your solution and squeeze the bag to release the contents into you.

Some also come with a hook so you can hang the bag and let gravity do the job. There are a few downsides to this type of enema. For starters, the bags often hold more liquid than you should be using for a safe douche. It can also be difficult to control how much water comes out at once.

You can get enema kits in drugstores and online. If ordering one online, be sure to read the description carefully. Some enema bags are sold pre-filled with solutions containing the cleansing products du jour, like coffeewhich can be harmful.

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