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Email You probably already know that separating your personal and business accounting and finances is a good idea. One of the first steps in getting started is to open a bank account for your small business. Recording each of these things is also a good way to establish business creditwhich is important if you want to apply for a business credit card or a small-business loan.

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But with thousands of banks across the U. Read the tips below and then consult our list of best small-business bank accounts.

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For most small businesses, a business checking account is essential. Opening one will allow you to pay invoices, bills, and employees from your business account; receive payments including from credit cards ; withdraw cash; and more.

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A savings account can boost your business credit, earn interest, and help you maintain minimum balance requirements. While business banking accounts typically have higher fees than personal accounts, some banks offer checking accounts with no monthly fees. However, often account holders are required to keep a minimum daily or monthly balance, or can only make a limited number of transactions to avoid incurring a fee.

Free or low-cost accounts do exist; just be sure to choose wisely. Transactions may include deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and electronic payments. Most business checking accounts will limit the number of transactions you can make per month. There may also be a maximum to how the most worthy earnings on the Internet transactions you can make and still qualify for a free account.

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Many banks offer better rates to those small businesses that keep their balances above a certain amount, for either a daily average or monthly. Consider what you expect your average balance will be and plan accordingly.

Some banks offer a sign-up bonus, which could be a perk. Just remember that your initial deposit and your average daily or monthly balances could be quite different.

If an introductory bonus tips the scales in favor of one bank or another with similar features, go for it.

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Using an internet-based bank may even save you some dough. If you use QuickBooks, payroll software, or another accounting tool, you may want to work with a bank that allows you to integrate the data from your software.

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If you use Paypal or Square, you may find it helpful to have those transactions show up in your checking account, too. Having a binary options how to bet relationship with someone who works at a local bank or local branch of a national bank can have its benefits.

That person may have the ability to adjust fees or give you more wiggle room on a small-business loan application.

By contrast, larger and national banks are more likely to clearly outline the fine print online, allow you to open an account digitally, and roll out digital tools first, which can all offer convenience and efficiency.

Being able to access information from multiple accounts in one location or application is a nice bonus. Credit unions are typically community-minded organizations that have a sense of connection to a neighborhood earnings on the Internet probusiness reviews region and a cooperative mentality.

You have to become a member of a credit union to use their services. That may be how you like to do business. Many have low- or no-minimum checking accounts, but typically offer more pared-down features than traditional banks. But what busy entrepreneur has time to sort through it all?

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  • Dallas as the anti-Seattle? A pro-business climate may help Texas land Amazon's HQ2
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With all Wells Fargo business checking accounts, you can apply in person or earnings on the Internet probusiness reviews, and send your deposit and required documents later. This is a completely free account with no monthly fees or minimum account balance requirement. Note that only sole proprietorships can apply online, and the bank has just locations in seven states. Another bonus: As your business grows, you can upgrade to another account using the same account number.

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Comerica locations are in Texas, Arizona, California, Florida, and Michigan; fees and conditions vary by state. SunTrust Simple Business Checking If your business bank account needs are fairly simple and you require few monthly transactions, this SunTrust account could be a good option.

SunTrust clearly outlines all stipulations and rules on its site, allows you to apply online, and has some great small-business resources online. One potential downside? It has branches in only 12 eastern states. PNC has branches in 19 states plus Washington, D. Advertisement 6. First Citizens Bank Basic Business Checking Need a checking account with a low opening balance, no minimum balance, and no maintenance fees? Credit card and payroll processing are also available.

You must apply at a physical branch, which only exist in nine states and Washington, D. Bank of America also offers merchant and payroll services.

What to consider when looking for the best bank account

Bank also offers payroll processing and an EZ-Switch Kit to help you conveniently transfer a new business account. Wells Fargo Analyzed Business Checking This analyzed checking account is best for larger organizations that have a high volume of transactions and complex cash management needs. Your business account balance generates an earnings allowance that can be used to offset account fees.

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Advertisement Citi, which operates physical locations in nine states and Washington, D. Apply online, by phone, or in person. Combine the balances of your business loans, savings, and money market accounts to help waive monthly maintenance fees. Azlo Designed for digital entrepreneurs who want access to hassle-free, integrated tools, an online-only account with Azlo allows you to send and receive by check or bank transfer unlimited domestic payments entirely fee-free.

International payments are on the way. Axos Basic Business Checking Designed for small businesses with moderate account activity, Axos which until recently was called Bank of Internet USA charges no monthly maintenance fees and offers unlimited domestic ATM fee reimbursements.

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Other services include domestic and foreign wire transfers, comprehensive bill pay solutions, ACH transfers, and state and federal tax payments. With no maintenance fees and no minimum monthly balance required, this basic account will meet the needs of many small businesses.

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It includes the first check transactions per statement period at no charge and unlimited electronic transactions. The contact center offers acclaimed customer support. TD Bank has locations up and down the East Coast, and many branches are open seven days a week. Veterans and military service members as well as their immediate family who join this national credit union and sign up for the Business Plus Checking program have access to 50 free transactions per month a fee of 25 cents per item applies after thata.

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There are no or low monthly maintenance fees, and you can have unlimited signers on your account. Though there are only three American First branches—all located in California—you can conduct routine transactions at any of 5, cooperative credit unions across the nation and have access to 30, free ATMs.

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