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Verified Purchase I learned the hard way long ago to spend some time reading a books negative reviews before I invest my time and money.

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So, I am almost one of the "absolute newbies" mentioned in one of the negative reviews. I'm working on getting the lay of the land for the whole trading landscape and all it entails as I decide what might be a good fit for me that I want to delve into.

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This is one of the two Binary Options books I've read. I'm looking for a good third book if anyone has any good suggestions.

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Learning the skills it takes to trade is what I am most interested in. Being able to look over the shoulder through a book of someone like Christopher or Sam Eder is a privilege I'm grateful is available.

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The hard part is finding the books that are truly worthwhile whether they are a fast read like this one or a longer read like Sam Eder's "The Consistent Trader".

After reading this book I can say that I'm grateful I purchased the book and spent the time to read it. While I'm still hungry for more information about binary options, I feel I got some worthwhile information out of this book that made it worth both my time and my money.

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And, I appreciate Christopher taking the time to write it. I also look forward to reading any other books he chooses to write.

Demo account? They also allow you the rare opportunity to sell your contract before the expiry time to lock-in profit or minimize your loss.