Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums

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An number of early years settings have decided not to admit all children amid concerns about transmission risks, according to an education charity.

While we could have performed an exhaustive count, this would have been a tedious process.

But there is nothing in the Constitution or the law that explicitly gives a vice president that power, and aides close to Pence, who concede that he is facing a politically perilous moment, are convinced he will follow the normal procedures and confirm Biden's election.

Still, most agree that Wednesday promises to be a long and confusing day on Capitol Hill -- and a potentially agonizing one for Pence -- as Trump's Republican allies move to challenge Biden's victory and force at least three votes on the matter, all expected to fail. Sign up for The Morning newsletter from the New York TimesThe proceeding will test what had long been considered little more than a paperwork exercise in American democracy: the official count by Congress of electoral votes.

But after scratching my head long and hard for hours, I found that the world was so preoccupied with Covid that it did not have another thought in its head.

The vice president's role is to be the master of ceremonies rather than arbiter of the outcome, declaring the winner based on who has the most electoral votes. But despite Trump's clear loss to Biden, the president and a group of loyalist House and Senate Republicans are plotting to upend the process by objecting to the certification of several states.

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Lacking the votes to prevail, Trump is now pressuring Pence to take matters into his own hands to delay the vote tabulation or alter it in Trump's favor. That's not how it works.

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Pence has a basic, if unappealing, job: Count the votes. Three weeks ago, the Electoral College formally cast its votes for president, affirming Biden's victory.

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But under the Constitution, there is one more step before the result is final: the certification by Congress of the electoral votes, to be conducted by the president of the Senate. That is the vice president.

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Envelopes with the certified votes from the Electoral College are brought in two mahogany boxes to the Capitol, and the vice president presides over a joint session in which figures in binary options bowl head certificates are examined to determine they are authentic, with clear instructions for declaring a winner. The job has occasionally been unpleasant for vice presidents. Inthe state of Hawaii sent two slates of figures in binary options bowl head and the vice president, Richard M.

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Nixon, who had just lost the election to John F. Kennedy, moved to count the Democratic electors, which expanded his own margin of defeat. Forty years later, Al Gore was in a similar spot, burdened with overruling objections from his fellow Democrats and declaring the victory of George W.

Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums

Bush -- and his own defeat -- after a drawn-out Florida recount that was ended by the Supreme Court. And inBiden, then the vice president, had to reject a Democratic challenge to Trump's victory.

But it would hurt a lot worse to start asking people to call me Salem and have them not do it than not to ask them. She specializes in clients who are pushing against the bounds of gender. It was easier — definitely not easy, but easier — to let themself be considered conventionally transgender, male to female, and go by the name Hannah. Tate, who is 31, suggested that Salem practice the request now, in the safety of her office. Their brown hair fell with a loose curl just past their slim shoulders.

But no matter how distasteful it is, J. Michael Luttig, a former U. Court of Appeals judge and leading conservative legal scholar, said that Pence had no choice but to simply count the votes.


Under the Electoral Count Act ofwhich was passed after the contested election of in which several states sent rival sets of electors, it is up to Congress to settle any disputes about state certifications.

If at least one member of the House and Senate raise an objection about a state's results, it must be considered, immediately halting the joint session so members can return to their respective chambers and debate the challenge for up to two hours.

Then a vote -- decided by a simple majority -- is held to determine whether to throw out that state's results. That has not occurred since the Reconstruction Era, and with Democrats controlling the House and many Senate Republicans opposed, it will almost certainly fail.

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Still, Republicans plan to force at least three such votes, perhaps more. Mo Brooks of Alabama has said he will move to contest the results from as many as six states; three Republican senators -- Josh Hawley of Missouri, Ted Cruz of Texas and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia -- plan to back at least one of those.

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Dozens of House members and 11 senators have said they plan to vote against certifying Biden's victory. Given that Trump and his supporters have contested the results in several states that Biden won -- including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- there could be as much as 12 hours of debate Wednesday, and a half-dozen votes.

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Trump wants Pence to unilaterally disqualify votes for Biden. House Republicans, with support from Trump, have argued in court that Pence has the right to move unilaterally to eliminate electoral votes from any state that he chooses.

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But a federal judge appointed by Trump on Friday threw out a lawsuit the Republicans brought to force the vice president to do so. At that point, under the Constitution, each state's delegation in the House would receive one vote. This could favor Trump, as 26 states have majority-Republican delegations.

If Pence were to give Trump what he wants, the country would truly be in uncharted territory. Aides to Pence insist he will not do what Trump is asking. But congressional Democrats and Biden's transition team are taking no chances and are preparing for a range of outcomes, including possible legal action, if Pence goes off script.

The Struggles of Rejecting the Gender Binary

The problem, Democrats concede, is that there is little precedent because no vice president has ever tried to use his position to overturn an election. The law in this area is untested and has never been litigated in court. But legal experts said the fallout could be highly damaging to the country.

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